The Neutra-Luxe Bedroom

As we build our home together, we’ve discovered a few differences in taste. I like bold contrast and eclectic combinations; Tristan likes everything to be neutral colored, and the more matching wood furniture, the merrier. I can go neutral in color, as long as camel and dusty blue count as neutral and as long as there’s some texture to spice things up, such as a chandelier, fur (obviously), mirror or uphosltery. See how flexible I am?

As it happens, our apartment came chalk full of built-ins and customized touches, and our bedroom has a built-in jute area rug, white night stands, gold sconces, and linen-paneled walls. It is destined for this “neutra-luxe” look.

Here are some bedrooms I love right now that are inspiring my own bedroom’s design:

From Desire to Inspire:


This Is Glamorous:


Rue Magazine:


Latest obsession? JuJu hats above beds. Cre8tive Designs:


South Shore Decorators:


Splendid Willow / Source Unknown / HGTV:


And I would be remiss to not include Moroccan Wedding Blankets from Living for Pretty:


What is the all-time most relaxing bedroom you’ve seen?

– t&T


  1. I’ve been wanting to transition to a more neutral bedroom feelas well… I’m always so torn because I know that I will destroy light colored bedding in 3.5 seconds. I think a stormy grey duvet might be the ticket. I am going to buy out H&M’s new home section online!

    1. Well, I’ve had solid white bedding for a few years now and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my grown-upness. I totally thought the same. I think the secret is to get a $15 duvet set from IKEA and then the risk doesn’t seem as great :).

    1. Oh good! I used to have a charcoal wall that I SWEAR matched everything… haven’t tried eggplant, though! Maybe I could do eggplant and camel and call it husky themed … with accents of “husky fur.” 🙂

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