Links of the Week

Yikes! This has been a crazypants week. In addition to busy-ness at work, it was a weekend where as newlyweds, we said “Hm. That was probably a bit much. Maybe let’s do less next time.” Domestic lesson learned; let’s celebrate with some links:

A really clever tattoo.

HilAAAARious video. Just watch it.

A luxe twist on gameday apparel from The Glitter Guide. I especially love the monogrammed barrette; not sure I could function in heels, though! I am also interested in incorporating the varsity jacket trend into my game day apparel, in particular, this little number.

I’ve been searching for chic ideas for our front door, and may have just met my match – The Privileged Door. Perhaps I’ll attempt a DIY version using moss sheets and wooden letters… but theirs are sure chic!

As soon as I saw the recipe for Honey Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts, I knew this needed to be in my belly as soon as possible. I bought the ingredients and will report back!

An amendment to my Harvest Bucket List: Homemade Beeswax Candles. How cute, all lined up on a shelf or table? And this coming from someone who is devoutly anti-mason jar (I know I’m alone in this).

Check out this fun, vibrant collection from Jeremy Scott’s Spring 2014 Collection. I would classify it as Mod-Meets-Saved-By-The-Bell. Am I crazy for LOVING IT? If you still need more vibrant, this tour of Lisa Frank’s studio should do the trick.




  1. Great set of links! I can’t wait to spruce up my front door too! Autumn craft party??? For our wedding I was probably a little bit abrasive in declaring my anti-mason jar philosophy.

    1. Yes! I want a giant R on my door… given your new last name, maybe you want to make one too?

      And tell me about it… I was a bit too brash when wedding planning, especially in rustic vineyard country (Chelan).

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