Breakfast at Watson & Kennedy

Holly Golightly: You know those days when you get the mean reds?

Paul Varjak: The mean reds, you mean like the blues?

Holly Golightly: No. The blues are because you’re getting fat and maybe it’s been raining too long, you’re just sad that’s all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?

Paul Varjak: Sure.

Holly Golightly: Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany’s. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there. If I could find a real-life place that’d make me feel like Tiffany’s, then – then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name!

Well folks, my “Tiffany’s” is a Parisian-inspired paradise in downtown Seattle called Watson & Kennedy. Thankfully, they have a website and blog, for when I can’t go in person.  But a few weeks ago, during some down time at the IFBC conference, I took the opportunity to feed my non-food obsession – decorating. These pictures only show half of one location (the one on 4th Avenue; there is a très petit location near Pike Place Market).

IMG_1757 IMG_1759 IMG_1761

NOT surprisingly, I found about a bajillion crucial items for our future house. However, I created an apartment-sized wishlist for our current apartment.

1. Bitter Orange Diffuser by Agraria, $48, also available on the WK website.


I’m always on the quest for the perfect fall scent…pumpkins, orange, cinnamon, maybe some apple spice. None of that sugar cookie cake crap. This year, I will probably try to achieve the scent with this DIY simmering pot version, but I would dare say this diffuser encapsulates the season with one whiff. There, I said it. Judge me.

2. Okay, a small departure from decor — Olivier Napa Valley Dipping Oil, $16, in Blue Cheese & Mission Fig and Toasted Parmesan, Garlic and Herb (can’t find online – help anyone?)


I am such a sucker for gourmet-in-a-bottle, and I’m pretty sure my friend Jen was just raving about this same Parmesan dipping oil. Add une baguette, et voilà!

3. ANA Taper Candlesticks, $22, also available on the WK website.


Okay, so technically I already have these. But they were so worth the money, and they come in many colors.

4. All things horn. Look at this display!


5. Tortoise & Abalone Sauce Dish, $34, also available on the WK website.


I love me a good small dish – perfect for a book of matches, a pair of earrings, or just lying around being its gorgeous self. And shells are totally more unisex than, say, a china dish! These are the things I tell myself to convince me that yes, Tristan would definitely want me to take advantage of this co-ed decorative piece…for the both of us.

6. Scented Incense Paper Books, $10, available online here.


These tear-out fragrance sheets smelled so unique yet familiar, like something from my childhood. I also liked that the booklet was written in French, as if all of France  infuses their homes with these mysterious tear out sheets, and if I purchased the booklet, I too would ooze European. AND it was only $10… sometimes, it’s the little things. 🙂

What are your favorite spots to unwind, check out, and/or get creatively charged? What Parisian items are on your wish list?



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