Links of the Week

This is what I’m doing today:

Poodle Lady

Just kidding… I’m going to work. But SOME DAY!

Here are my favorite Halloween costumes I’ve found recently – one, two, three, four, five.

The most charming way to travel: mobile homes. Speaking of mobile homes, I’m very excited to follow my dear friend Bre’s blog, Bon Bon the Blog. She’s a Seattle native like me who just got married (as in, currently on her honeymoon), and will be documenting her experience being a glam girl living in a mobile home in North Dakota as her husband works in the oil fields.

The perfect Girl’s Day In craft.

I KNEW IT COULD BE DONE! A bachelor’s manly living room that prominently features fur.

A DIY Halloween “candle“… could definitely be chic! And how about this bouquet in this vase?

Speaking of DIY, Living for Pretty‘s amazing bathroom transformation.

Image from My Vibe My Life

Happy weekend!



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