Thrift Shop Wins & Wish List

I’ve always been into thrift shopping. My dad is obsessed with tracking down used, out-of-print books, so I grew up seeking out the nearest source of used books wherever we went. Though naturally, I mostly went straight for the clothes. When I lived in a hipster suburb of Seattle for a few years, I made a lot of good finds at consignment stores such as Buffalo Exchange because the neighborhood in general had good taste, and local boutiques would consign some of their end of season wares. This winter, however, I’ve realized that some of my favorite pieces to wear have been traditional thrift store finds. Here’s a look:

Vintage jacket with really cool texture and ruffle-y thingies (Goodwill), worn on NYE:

Thrift Shop - TorieandTristan (7) Thrift Shop - TorieandTristan (9)Thrift Shop - TorieandTristan (8)

J. Crew red cable knit sweater (Value Village):

Thrift Shop - TorieandTristan (1)

I like it so much, I wore it for one of my engagement photo outfits:


Banana Republic cream turtleneck with charming buttons on each sleeve (Value Village):

Thrift Shop - TorieandTristan (11)

Can you tell I wear these sweaters a lot? Super wrinkly!

Doran Maxie Ford shorts from Anthropologie, originally $288…OMG! (Goodwill):

Dolan Glitter Shorts

Nine West black heels (Goodwill):

Thrift Shop - TorieandTristan (6)

The afore mentioned hipster suburb is also rumored to house the exact Value Village and Goodwill that Macklemore refers to in his hit Thrift Shop (#namedrop). I’ve bought many a wedding candlestick and Halloween costume at these very shops.

This weekend is my birthday, and I’ve decided to re-visit that Goodwill and Value Village at the hopes of crossing some items off of my Thrift Shop Hunt List, which is a very real document. It mostly includes items that are inspired by a current high-end designer piece or an item I’ve recently identified as “classic.” This list also moonlights as my future To Sew list, should they never manifest in a thrift shop.

Some items it includes (clothing specific):

Teal shiny silk or velvet skirt: I’ve been obsessed with owning one since Elle’s law school outfit in Legally Blonde; current iterations include Gucci F/W 2013 and Milly F/W 2013:

Legally Blonde Gucci 2013Milly Skirt

Tie neck blouses



Brown herringbone or menswear-ish blazer:

Menswear 3

Hilfiger F/W 2013

Menswear Trend

from Elle Collections Mexico

Menswear Trend 2

Scotch & Soda F/W 2013

Full midi skirt and/or long coats:

Gucci Pre Fall 2013

Gucci Pre-Fall 2013

Prada FW 2013 Prada Pre Fall 2013 2 Prada Pre Fall 2013 3

Prada F/W 2013 (last three)

Vintage box clutches:

Vintage Box Clutch

Fun Coats

Marc Jacobs FW 2013

Gucci F/W 2013

Wishlist aside, the best part of thrift shopping as that you really don’t know what you’ll find. Call it my form of adventure. 🙂

I can’t wait to share my finds with you all –




  1. Ahh I miss GOOD thrift shops. We have a Salvation Army here and another TINY thrift shop called the White-E, but I very rarely find clothes that are any good. We do find a lot of books and fun home decor stuff but most of the clothes are along the lines of ratty old t-shirts and mom jeans. No fun.

      1. Just a couple new paintings in our living room (one thrifted, one not) and a new chair we bought used from someone in town! Next major project is the floors…but floors cost $$$ so that hasn’t happened quite yet. Minor detail. 😉

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