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Valentines Day Treats - torieandtristan


The longer you follow this blog, you’ll note that topiaries and wreaths are the only decorations in my wheelhouse. I am a one-trick pony! Wait, and candles.

My favorite topiaries and wreaths are made of boxwood, and after I made the initial investment, no holiday is except from their presence. I was inspired by this Etsy wreath. Hobby Lobby is likely the cheapest place to purchase boxwood wreaths and topiaries, but definitely check online retailers such as Amazon in case there’s a door-buster deal. I also stumbled upon this garland from Paper Source which is cute sans-wreath as well.

Playing off of the XOXO theme, I love this project from Amy Sue I Love You – simple and easy to display.


Call me a scrooge, but I just don’t have the motivation to make Valentine’s Day cards for my friends and loved ones. I expect this motivation to come back when I have kids, and need to compete with other moms for Best Valentine in the Class. When the time comes,  I’m sure the cards will be one of these 12 Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids.


I found the Dating Divas website a while back, and though the sappiness factor makes me puke a little bit in my mouth sometimes, they do have some really cute ideas. Also, I found the website because I realized I needed to work harder at my marriage, and I respect the fact that these ladies are actively working at it.

I love their date night idea with the theme Love’s Laboratory, which includes a few simple G-rated science experiments and printables for added charm. Add vanilla vodka to this recipe; call it Love Potion No. 9.

Not G-Rated: February Love Calendar << If Tristan or I call you mom, do your self a favor and SKIP THIS ONE.


I have spent far more of my Valentine’s Days as a single adult versus in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean I was alone on Valentine’s Day! I always went out with a girlfriend or had a dinner party. My cousin just threw a Cocktails & Conversations party for ladies only – how cute would that be on Valentine’s Day?

One fun activity could be a lipstick or lipgloss exchange – each gal brings her favorite drugstore lipstick or lipgloss (wrapped and unused, of course) and each gal leaves with a new one. Take a group pictures at the end with each lady sporting her new shade. You could also buy some cheapie canvases (one for each guest) and have each gal kiss the canvases. For a fresh take on this trend, outline the lips in black a la Andy Warhol.

Lipstick image from Stephanie Louise.


Oh Em Gee, I’m obsessed with Macarons. Totes the new cupcake. How darling are these ones, which come embossed with a Sweetheart-eque phrase?

Tristan loves his popcorn. I love making everything more complicated. The perfect marriage: Valentine’s White Chocolate Popcorn.


I hope you’ve loved these ideas! Let me know what you think and of any other good ideas I need to know about! 🙂




    1. Just signed up, yay!

      I just made reservations today, actually! We’re going to Pasta Freska, that sliver of a restaurant off Westlake. Really excited since they don’t have a menu and the chef makes it up as he goes. 🙂

      1. Pasta Freska is delicious! I went a few times with my friend Christine and finally got Mark there for our anniversary last year, love it! So delicious and a great atmosphere. A little pricey, but definitely a doable dinner for a romantic night out once or twice a year! Have fun and go hungry!

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