3 DIY Manicure Trends

Let’s just admit it – shellac is the best nail beauty development to hit the earth since perhaps the chemistry miracle of nail polish itself. The only problem is, as with all beauty routines, there is a recurring cost involved, and it’s more expensive than just a standard manicure ($25-35 in Seattle).

When I got married, I thought I’d help us cut costs by quitting shellac and instead hype myself up about trying new nail trends I’d seen on Pinterest. As I type this, I have shellac on my nails. BUT I’ve only had it twice since I’ve been married (seven months now!) AND it was a birthday present. Nobody’s perfect.

Anyway, I have hyped myself up a few times and tried some new nail trends. Throughout the week, I’ll show you a backlog of manicure trends that I’ve attempted to DIY over the last few months.

Three DIY Manicure Trends - Torie & Tristan

A sneak preview of the trends are:

Natural Sheer Shine

Natural Nail - TorieandTristan

Β  Natural Nail - TorieandTristan

Natural Nail - TorieandTristan


Metallic Ombre

Metallic Tip - torieandtristan

Metallic Tip - torieandtristan

Metallic Tip - torieandtristan


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

Salon Effects - torieandtristan

Salon Effects - torieandtristan

Salon Effects - torieandtristan


None of these are pictures of my nails, so stay tuned for the reveals in three upcoming posts. Share in the joy of my successes and weep alongside me at my failures. And in case you’ve missed previous posts in this series, here they are:

DIY Manicure #1

DIY Manicure #2



  1. I currently have a DIY Shellac manicure on my nail. This process requires a great ton of patience as not all results have been the same due to my learning curve. For the price of one professional shellac, you can buy a kit at Costco that contains 5 colors, an LED Lamp, and all of the potions needed for this permanent-polish. The downside? It takes roughly 2 hrs to do my nails and because I didn’t fork out the big bucks for my mani, I have been more apt to change colors in less than two weeks…. Which is super damaging to my nails. Food for thought.

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