Matching Handbags & Heels

March 30, 2014

As I mentioned in my previous post, Neiman Marcus and the Texans have inspired me to match my heels with my handbag.

Here are some combo examples in just about every color imaginable:


Handbags and Heels (1)

Via Angel Food Style

Handbags and Heels (3)

Via Atlantic Pacific


Revolution By LG/Verizon Party

Via gwjocelyn


Handbags and Heels (8)

Via The Blonde Salad


Handbags and Heels (6)

Via Zimbio


Handbags and Heels (5)

Via The Decorista Dreams


Handbags and Heels (4)

Via This Plus That


Handbags and Heels (1)

Via What Every Woman Needs

And, finally, the matched set I’ve landed upon for myself –


Matching handbags & heels

Handbag image via Social Bliss

Shoes: Nina Bonique, on sale for $69.99 and available here

Purse: Gigi New York Magenta Uber Clutch, $145 (plus $15 for monogram) and available here

So what do you think of matching handbags with heels? Which style is your fave? Am I the most old fashioned person ever for liking this style?





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