One Skirt, Three Ways

April 8, 2014 — This post could also be called How to Wear a Winter Skirt in the Spring.

When I inherited the skirt from my last post, it was a knee length and about two sizes too big. Feeling inspired by the below looks (preppy-mod-meets-nineties), I decided to invest in having it tailored.

aschool 015  0204141519baCHER 007

Via Atlantic Pacific/Scout it Out/Atlantic Pacific

My skirt is made of a thick tweed with silk lining, and whenever lining is involved, alterations get more expensive. In this case, it was $40ish. The first look is an unbuttoned version of my last post’s outfit.

Torie and Tristan Pattern Mixing (24)

Torie and Tristan Pattern Mixing (29)

Torie and Tristan Pattern Mixing (27)

I mean, if there are pearls in the picture, don’t I have to do some sort of pose with them? It feels awkward … yet… I can’t fight it.

The thickness of the skirt also meant that it was made to be worn in the winter, but I wanted a little more bang for my buck. Here’s a springish look:

Pop of Pink (7)

Pop of Pink (15)

Pop of Pink (5)

The pops of pink are hard to tell, namely the necklace and lips. If you’ve been following my fashion posts, you’ll know a magenta clutch and pumps are on my wish list, which I think would be very fun additions to this outfit. And magenta nails. The necklace, bracelets, and shoes also incorporate a bold gold, which is also sort of hard to see. Use your imagination!

Next, the Clueless-inspired look:

Yellow Clueless (2)

Yellow Clueless (1)

Yellow Clueless (4)

Yellow Clueless (5)

Yellow Clueless (7)… and I already have more ideas! Which look is your favorite? High wasted mini skirts are back, people!





  1. I like the one with the vest the best! And…I am jealous of your bare legs/arms. It was 37 degrees when I left for work this morning.

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