Torie and Tristan About Town

It’s been a quiet month on, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy gathering material.

We recently attended a friend’s birthday party at Local 360, and were greeted with a balloon art bonanza courtesy of the birthday girl’s friend:

balloons everywhere

There was quite a range of balloon art talent that, frankly, Tristan and I did not possess. Who are these people, and how do they all seem to have acquired this skill?!

There was the corsage (modeled by me):

flower corsage

The poodle walking around on a leash:


The crowning of the birthday girl:

crowning of girl

… And us, trying to twist a brown balloon. It started to look like intestines. Then, as all of our twisting unwound itself before our eyes, just…poop.

But! Wasn’t there a dog nearby?!


Poodle Poop by Torie and Tristan

Ta-da! We rewarded ourselves with another cocktail.

These hats were made for us.


I mean, do y’all know how to do balloon art? Are we just behind the times? Maybe these friends are all parents of small children, or clowns.



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