Torie the Copycat, Round 2

Ever since I saw this outfit grace the runway at Neiman Marcus, I knew it needed to be on my body, some way, some how.

Look 3

I had most of the pieces already, which was part of the reason I was so excited, but I did purchase a $12 BCBG skirt from Buffalo Exchange to complete the look.

I was waiting for the perfect reason to “day dress up” in the Northwest, and the opportunity finally presented itself a few weekends ago, at the Bellevue Art Festival.

white outfit 3

White outfit 1

The hardest part was taking decent photos with the bright sun and all-white outfit, while keeping Tristan motivated. He was a good sport overall, and let’s be honest, it was really hot out and people were staring (probably thinking, “Poor boy, bet that girl’s a handful!”).

white outfit 4

As if we hadn’t been out there long enough, I decided to do a wardrobe change. Here’s the 2.0 version:

white outfit 7

I ended up wearing this version to the Bellevue Arts Festival, minus the heels.

In retrospect, I think I do prefer the look of Neiman Marcus’ flounce skirt over my tulip-shape skirt, but for $12,  I’m not complaining. And the floppy hat ended up being way practical, as I did not get sunburned while walking around! Form AND function, yay.





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