Adios Amigos!


Today, Tristan and I are headed to Tijuana, Mexico to build homes and lead vacation Bible school for the next eight days. It will be a lot of hard, HOT work, but I’m excited to push myself in this way. We are going with a group of people Tristan grew up with. He’s been on this trip four times and our leader, Colleen, has been spearheading the trip for 20 years! She used to babysit Tristan when he was a toddler. It’s been a blast getting to know them.

Here he is back in 2007, the last time he went on this mission trip:

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We will be building two houses and outhouses, and playing games and spending time with the local kids. I’m really looking forward to visiting the orphanage. Also, visiting the market (shopping is shopping).

Here is the type of house we will be building:

1909733_539353439328_2787_n 1909733_539353469268_4619_n

There is talk of adding a loft this year. Oo!!

Often times, the family receiving the house helps build it:


At the end of the process, the team and family dedicate the home(s) to the Lord. It’s a very emotional moment. Last year, the family who received a house had been living under a roll of carpet in a garbage dump. So humbling.


If you’d like to follow our trip, pictures will be posted on the mission team Facebook page. If you are interested in learning more about our mission group, the website is here.

It’s so inspiring to hear how Colleen and her family have had such a positive impact on so many families over the years, both in Mexico and here in the States. It really shows how one person can truly make a difference, especially when they inspire those around them to join the cause.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!




  1. How exciting! Have a wonderful time and safe trip. Looking forward to hear about your experience!!

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