Living Room Decor Inspiration

As you may know, Tristan and I are in the process of renovating a home we purchased in August. It has a downstairs and an upstairs unit. We are living in the upstairs unit and are redoing the downstairs for renters. Tristan enjoys the physical labor involved with renovation whereas I enjoy the “research” phase (largely conducted on Pinterest). Certain manual projects have been fun, though, and it’s nice bonding time.

It will be a few months until we are ready to do the upstairs, but by golly, I’ll be ready. Here are two inspiration images:

Living Room Inspo

from Your Nest Design

Living Room Inspo 2

Spread from Small Room Decorating magazine, Fall 2013

Here is the living room we moved into.

living room Wide Angle Door Wide Angle From Door

Here’s what it looks like now:

1019141551 1019141552c 1019141552d

Fairly simple, since as mentioned in my previous post, we don’t want to have to move anything extra when we redo the living room.

And here’s my final vision!

Living Room T&T

As you can see from the picture of our current living room, I already have:

  • the lamps (vintage)
  • couch (similar here)
  • ottomans (similar here)
  • trunk (vintage; not currently out)
  • some of the pillows
  • two mocha curtains (not currently out)

Once we complete the upstairs renovation (thus providing wainscoting, paint, and hardwoods), the main pieces I’ll be looking to add are:

  • the 8×10 rug (the one shown is from Walmart and is just $180!)
  • yellow pillow
  • white pillows
  • brown leather chair
  • yellow voile curtain panels
  • gold framed art

What do you think? I’ll keep you posted on our progress, and share other room inspiration posts.



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