DIY Manicure 6

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a  DIY manicure with you all. These posts started back when Tristan and I first got married, and I needed to address my shallac manicure obsession, and the false belief that I could no longer reach my toes to do my own pedicure. In case you’re new to Torie and Tristan, here are the previous manicures (full disclosure: Tristan not involved):

Earlier this year, I came across this fun nail/outfit combo on Atlantic Pacific, and was immediately brought back to ages 8-12, when I did all sorts of crazy nail polish combos.

Atlantic Pacific

I borrowed a few nail polish colors from a co-worker to complete my ombre look.

Multi Color Manicure

This manicure was tons of fun and very easy. Here’s how it turned out:

Multi Color Manicure via Torie and Tristan

What do you think?

I’ve been spoiled by the best pedicures ever from Kerrie at Salon Rae, and will never be able to self-create the same results. But I have come up with some tricks to make the DIY pedicure process less daunting. Also, I’ve taken a giant chill pill and realized my toes don’t always have to be perfectly painted.

When I’m getting ready to do a pedicure, I break the process out into three mornings (>5 min each).

  • Morning one: Clip toe nails before getting into shower. In shower, scrub toes and pumice feet with a gadget like this. Apply lotion.
  • Morning two: Remove prior nail polish. In shower, scrub toes and pumice feet. After shower, file toenails. The shower has softened the skin and nails, making everything easier. Apply lotion.
  • Morning three: Following shower, apply lotion. Use skewer and cuticle stick to clean cuticles and sides of nail beds. This is my favorite part. It makes such a difference and makes it feel like a real pedicure.
  • The evening of day three is when I typically paint my toenails. They are primed and ready, so the process goes quickly.

And that’s it!

Happy Monday.

-t (Tristan had nothing to do with this post)


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