Life Update

No, nobody’s pregnant. But there’s a lot going on around here! In early December, I rather suddenly decided to quit my job and venture out to start my own business. Tristan, meanwhile, has been in a very busy work season and in his spare time, hard at work on our basement. Oh yeah, the basement. Turns out I’m not as interested in the behind-the-scenes prep work. So, even though a lot has changed, it’s not exactly what I would call “blog-worthy” at this point. We had to raise our house slowly over the course of two months in order to install a new beam. Now that that’s completed, it shouldn’t be long before we’re ready for tile, cupboards, sinks, painting, etc. – you know, the fun and pretty stuff! I’d imagine I’ll feel more motivated to share updates at that point. 🙂 For the first time in my adult life, I opted to skip holiday decorating and a tree, since our house is in flux anyway and I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal. But in the haze of new business meetings, filing my official business paperwork with the state, breaking two cell phones in two days, and my laptop crashing the moment I got my work desktop created and organizzzzed…there were some fun, festive moments.  Oh, and the cherry on top was when Tristan’s car got broken into and his work laptop was stolen when while on our way to get MY new laptop. But back to those festive moments: I went on my first girlfriend’s getaway since being married. Three friends and I ventured over the mountains to a Bavarian village called Leavenworth, which is basically the Christmas capital of the world:



During the tree lighting, it’s WAY too crowded. This picture is pulled from their website, but is completely accurate…EVERY SINGLE DECEMBER DAY.

Leavenworth 2

It’s kind of hard to tell, but there are lines to get into the stores.


Out to dinner at Visconti’s

Tristan and I are actually headed back out to Leavenworth next month for the Vox Docs film festival…more on that later! I also participated in a gingerbread house making contest, which I won (yay!), despite feeling very ill-prepared. People clearly had done some Pinterest research, and brought stained glass made of sugar and green hedges made of Rice Krispie Treats. I brought frosted mini wheats.

1206141527d_edited 1206141527g

When I saw this experiential event produced by Sound Excursions, I knew I needed to go. Crafts? Wine? The smell of pine? COME ON!

1221141321c_edited Wreath Making 1221141317 1224141201a

And, I did manage to throw like twelve New Year’s cards together (i.e. late Christmas cards). I still have dozens of leftover Thank You cards from our wedding, so I repurposed some of those.

1231141204 1231141159

0103151654a_edited_edited 0103151654d_edited

Anyway, here it is practically March and nothing has changed. I’m still acclimating to my new business (which I’m happy to report is going well), and as I mentioned earlier, we are still renovating. This month, we also started preparing for our second annual Tijuana mission trip. We do have some other exciting trips planned, and I’m starting to have an interest in the kitchen again, so I do hope to post more frequently in coming weeks and months.

Come back and visit!



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