Country Concert – Outfit Reveal!

So … as a refresher, Tristan and I attended a major country concert last month and crossed a huge item off Tristan’s bucket list. We had a great time and I actually knew half the songs, despite being rather new to Garth Brooks. (Apparently when you’re a legend, your songs creep their way into people’s life whether they seek it out or not). I was excited because I knew Garth would be a great entertainer, regardless if I actually knew the songs.


I was also excited to have an excuse to plan a themed outfit. Here is the inspiration outfit I put together.

What to Wear to a Country Concert final

And here is how it came out!


YEEHAW, my first animated GIF!


Tristan held it down in some flannel.


Anyway… you get it. That’s enough pictures of me. 🙂 What do you think?  What do you usually wear to country concerts?



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