Laying the Foundation: Halloween Home Tour 2015

As we discussed last year, Tristan and I are on Team Jesus, so we don’t really do anything witch-y ghost-y curse-y in terms of decorations. We go for what I like to call “eerie over evil.”  So, anything that one might find on Sherlock Holmes is fair game – crows, spiderwebs, old books, feathers, leaves, skulls, etc.

I love decorating for Halloween because I also get a chance to use my very favorite colors in FULL FORCE (rust, orange, gold, black, white, gray).

In case you missed it, here are the last few years’ worth of decorations… check ’em out!




This year, I’ve also added touches of blue glass and blue chinoiserie, my new obsessions. I have a separate post eventually coming that will attempt to summarize just how versatile of an investment these pieces are (baby showers! bridal showers! Fourth of July! Seahawks tablescapes!), but for now, I’ll start by sharing the harvest-y looks.

Here was my inspiration:

Blue and Orange Trend Watch via Torie and Tristan

1 – Our Southern Home 2 – Tokyo Ninja 3 – Stone Gable 4 – BHG 5 – Decor Adventures 6 – Bejing Notebook 7 – Stone Gable

Fun and different, no?




  1. “Team Jesus” That is too funny. This is so inspiring! I love the idea of mixing fall decor with blue chinoiserie. I definitely think this is a great way to celebrate Halloween as Christians.

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