Blue Chinoiserie + Pink

Also known as Hosting My First Shower(s).

Hello and good evening. I’ve had a few moments of adulting over the last month, namely hosting my first bridal shower and my first baby shower.

I knew the bride-to-be liked blue chinoiserie (um hello who doesn’t?) and her wedding colors were navy blue and blush pink. So for the bridal shower, I decided to “invest” in blue chinoiserie vases and dishes at thrift stores and decorate with blush linens and flowers. Here were my inspiration images:

4365b08ff11f935b553191c939abf67c  c365334adf5ab6e0a5d52b73583b4bae

At that point the baby shower was already scheduled for a few weeks following. The mommy-to-be likes bold colors (her wedding colors were kelly green, black, white and gold – YES.), so I knew I wanted to do bold blue glass with magenta accents. Here were my inspiration images.


79ee94b77eb511eacade3ae5076f069bYou can see the blue glass and blue chinoiserie can kind of mix-and-match. #bonuspoints

I figured that combinations of blue and pink would always work for bridal and baby showers to come, and I plan to reuse these same items for years.

And as you know, I was already able to re-purpose the blue pieces for my blue and orange Halloweenhere’s how it turned out.

Stay tuned this week for some snapshots of each shower. I’d say a “grand reveal,” however these aren’t styled shots nor was there a professional photographer. The reality is that I am hosting a real event, not a styled shoot or “blogger party.” As such, I have real concerns other than taking Pinterest-worthy photos. Like making sure there is clothing on my body before people arrive. Trying to hide a few last-minute objects. Not burning anything and does the house still smell from what I burned earlier? Background music. Taking Saran wrap off of the food. Trying not to cuss. Etc.

Here’s another inspiration image for the road.

blue and white with profusion of pink peonies

Check back to see how everything turned out!




    1. I don’t do weddings, but thank you! I can’t take any credit for the photos in this post, but I have been asked to do weddings before. It’s funny, tonight I’m finally going through my own wedding photos… 2.5 years after the wedding. I wore myself out with my own wedding and couldn’t even face my own pictures! 🙂

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