Boho 30th Birthday Party

Boho Bday

My dear cousin Christy turned 30, oh, a YEAR ago, and I am finally documenting the evening affair on this blog. Is it too early for #TBT?

Christy is two years older than me, which made her the perfect candidate for my only child self to follow around and idolize growing up… that, and her inspiring fashion and interior design sense that always pushed the boundaries but somehow came together swimmingly. I’m sure I was very annoying to her for many, many years.

As one ages, two years becomes a very small age difference and for the last 10+ years we’ve been very close friends. Her and her sister rolled out all the bachelorette and bridal shower stops when I got married a few years ago.

Christy is now a working mom to an adorable 5 year old.  I just sensed that if she was to properly celebrate her 30th birthday, some outside intervention would need to be involved, and I was more than happy to return the party-throwing favor. It would of course need to be ON POINT with design, as she is.

The idea was to start with dinner, drinks and mingling at our house, then move to Robert Ramsay Cellars Wine Room for wine tasting and then explore nightlife from there.

Which means – YAY! – I now had an excuse to make cards. I used leftover wedding thank you cards as the base, then printed text on leftover clear vellum (our wedding just keeps on giving). Christy is big on texture and boho aesthetics, so I was trying to incorporate wood grain, feathers, arrows, ambers, metallics, prints, etc.

Christy Bday 20Christy Bday 18Christy Bday 19

My favorite party trick is to get take-and-bake pizzas from Zaw, freeing me up to focus on side dishes and dessert that I can make ahead, a specialty cocktail of some kind, and of course, decorations. I still just don’t know how adults do the whole hot-food-comes-out-at-the-same-time thing. So fake it until you make it, no?

Here is where my mind was really at – decor. As you can see, some of our walls are a bit ripped up from the remodel, but the show must go on.

Christy Bday 17

The Buffet.

Christy Bday 1

The Bar.

Christy Bday 2

So, I didn’t have time to make an official menu sign (still haunts me today). But there was a signature cocktail and fun straws, though, I won’t break Pinterest by posting this. And feathers… everywhere there was feathers.

Christy Bday 4

I found a wood grain background on Google and made paper that I could turn into a garland.

Christy Bday 5

In the foreground, you can see the decorate-your-own cupcake station. In the background, you can see some of our other side dishes that went with our fancy pizza. I’m sure this isn’t brand new information to some, but Hobby Lobby has the funnest paper plates, straws and napkins to choose from. You can see the gold plates in the background and of course I purchased leopard napkins and boho-esque straws.

Christy Bday 6

Ambers! Metallics! Feathers!

One of my favorite things to do for events is to go to Jo-Ann’s and pick out fat quarters of fabrics to match the event color palette and theme. I use them as runners, turn them into fabric bunting, or even napkins.

Christy Bday 15

Then it was metallic tattoo time.

Christy Bday 10

It was a special hit with the gentlemen.

Christy Bday 14Christy Bday 11Christy Bday 12

Christy Bday 9

The ladies look on and laugh. “You’re so pretty.”

Christy Bday 13Christy Bday 16

Christy Bday 8

And a happy birthday girl with her cupcake!

One final thought: Since this party, Tristan and I have moved into our downstairs unit. I thought the day would never come. Everything is new, pretty and works properly.

But looking back on some of these photos, I’m glad we didn’t wait to have people over until our space was picture perfect. I do enjoy planning out events, but ultimately these parties are to show our friends and family how loved and valued they are. Sometimes that means making the best of the situation but giving people a front row seat to your remodel mess. I always have to remind myself to see the big picture and set aside my perfectionist ways.



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