This is one of those rooms in which one can’t appreciate the after without noting the atrocious before, including baby blue sink and toilet that was impossibly positioned (you can’t see it but it’s behind the raised shower). Seriously, there’s no way an adult male could have done any business on that thing.

Here is the before:

basement 14

Here’s the after:


In terms of decor, the After bathroom would be snooze-ville without the magical hands of Mandi at Living for Pretty. Given her entry way stencil experience, she graciously said she’d help make my ikat stencil dreams come true. Without her, I would’ve collapsed in tears several times I’m sure. But because she was there, I had to be on my best adult behavior.


There used to be a hallway AND a bathroom taking up this same space. Tristan combined the spaces and now you enter the laundry room on the other side of the ladder shelf you see. The angled door helps keep the space feeling open.


View from the door


View from the shower


These are regular sheer curtains with a white plastic liner behind. We mounted them as close to the ceiling as possible to make the space feel light and big.



I’m really happy with this double medicine cabinet you see here. I was surprised to see how high-end medicine cabinets can be and was initially super opposed to the idea. This one has mirrors on the inside as well and is SO convenient.



The larger photos weren’t working of the light fixture, which I LOVE, so here you go.


This vanity is by Martha Stewart at Home Depot and the color is Sharkey Gray. We liked it so much we painted the entire basement Sharkey Gray!

I am loving our peaceful new bathroom with good storage and new plumbing! And I’m happy with how the stenciled wall came together. I’m on the hunt for some bright orange and magenta bath towels to freshen up the color palette even more.




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