So, this room is BEYOND just the basement remodel. I’ve had this bedroom design in mind for nearly three years, ever since one of my first blog posts, Winter Bedroom Inspiration.

I finally finished gathering all of the pieces for the design just in time for summer – ha! But I have a summer version of the design which I’ll implement next year. In the meantime, it’s certainly cozy!

My inspiration was the Ralph Lauren Duke Collection in the winter that can convert to the Apartment No. 1 collection in summer:


Ralph Lauren Home

Ralph Lauren Home 2





Here is the before:

basement 2

I wish you could smell those carpets

Here is the after:


The duvet and euro shams were sewed by Savvy Seamstress using flannel from Joann’s. It was difficult to find a plaid that included black, green, red and gold and of course, Ralph Lauren’s Duke tartan fabric cost a fortune. I ended up paying $60 for the flannel during a crazy Joann’s sale. It’s not an exact replica like the Glen plaid fabric you’ll see below, but after months of research, I decided that no one was making the Duke plaid affordably.

Note the new windows and windowsills, courtesy of Tristan. 🙂

IMG_0197 - Copy

IMG_0201 - Copy

The Ralph Lauren version of this wool throw is $350+. While still pricey, I got this Lands Downunder throw last Christmas and it was around $100. I have never felt so grown up!

Tristan had the FABULOUS idea to re-paint his traditional sleigh bed black with gold accents. I LOVE it now! I will post more later on this project.

IMG_0207 - Copy

IMG_0211 - Copy

We still have to build a top for this nightstand, but in the meantime I purchased a large clear acrylic picture frame and removed the back. I’m liking the peek-a-boo to my jewelry.


Tristan calls the wall above our bed the Wall of Death, and if there were an earthquake, it would NOT be a fun wake up moment.


The sham fabric was also used in the curtains, made by my mom. Go mom!


Closet, for reference


Really excited about this art from Etsy – it includes the blue, green, red and gold from my winter bedroomscape but also the magenta and purple from my spring/summer bedroomscape. It took me awhile to find pictures that would blend with both!


Obligatory vignette


Rug purchased in Mexico – fun Aztec-y pattern



This bedroom took awhile to put together and it seems overwhelming to comment on it all. If you have a question about a source or how-to, let me know!




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