Nursery Inspiration

I’ve never been one to shy away from planning for the future. I’ve had a running list of baby names since the 5th grade. I remember pouring over the huge quarterly JCPenney catalogs as a kid, and part of the ritual was deciding which maternity “wardrobe capsule” (before that was even a thing) was best, and which crib set was the cutest.

That’s not to say I’ve always been obsessed with babies… far from, especially as an only child.

But anything one could decorate or fashion design was well within my planning territory, and still is.

My latest inspiration is for a little girl nursery that’s white, beige, fuchsia, purple, orange and yellow. With everything that is within me, I’ve attempted to not introduce gold and black as well. I try to limit myself to six colors, which isn’t really much of a limit, is it?

Here’s the vibe/colors I’d go for:

Baby Girl Nursery-page-001.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Hallway, bedroom, chair, pillow, rug and chair, lobster, couch, tea set, cloud shelf, flower mobile, neon sign, art, rug, couch

You can see these and a few other examples on my Color Me Crazy Pinterest board.

What do you think? Any other fab nursery ideas I should get on my radar now?




  1. 1- LOVE the colors!!! I love unexpected color combos for nurserys vs. just pastels. FOR Toby’s we did mint, citrus orange, black & gold.
    2- add gold hardware! That would be GORGEOUS with that color combo!!! (But I think gold is the best hardware choice with every color pallet!😜) Thats the beauty of gold, it’s a finish & not just a color so it doesn’t count towards you 6! I think little black details would be striking as well.
    3- CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!! I’m SO excited for you!!!!!!! 😊🎀💗 Designing Tobias’ nursery was BY FAR. My favorite room our house to design (& that says a lot because decorating & now redecorating our house is my #1 favorite hobby!) CAN’T WAIT to see your finished nursery!! (& that sweet little babe come April😍)

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