Mother Daughter Matching: The True Story

Lots has happened since I last posted. My last post outlined my future nursery inspiration while making it clear that there was no baby.

In fairness, I have had nursery inspirations since I was about ten years old, looking through the huge quarterly JCPenny catalogs and mapping out my future life. So I totally would make a blog post about babies I don’t yet have, like my Mother Daughter Matching post from three years ago.

But that last inspiration was actually THE inspiration, and there was, in fact, a baby. Sorry for the huge fib! We were feeling the need to be a bit protective. Anyone paying attention could’ve read the comments on that post and called my bluff immediately :).

So here we are, nearly two months into our life with our beautiful baby girl. I know we still want to be protective of her but I will share what I can as we gain our footing as new parents. For now, we’ll refer to her as Baby S.

One very special event was held recently and that was her baby dedication. My friend Miriam, who owns Savvy Seamstress, had the awesome idea to create a dress for Baby S using a leftover piece of fabric from my wedding dress, which I had shortened to a sheath a few years back (you know, for every day wear). Cue squeals and jumping up and down. Yes, best idea ever!

Here’s the original:

These are the remnants she was working with, after the dress was shortened to the sheath:

And I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it came out.

And here we are, Mother Daughter Matching, in the flesh.

Another shot of the dress:

AND THEN, last weekend we held a Sip and See for little miss S, and she wore a dress that I wore when I was her age. She totally looks like Tristan but at least her fashion will look like me, as long as I can help it!

First up, me:

Thirty years later:

And one more of the full look!

Who wore it best? Obviously Baby S! Looks at those shoes :).

When I wrote my last post in December, I was five months pregnant and we were about to finish our upstairs remodel and move into our new [teeny] unit. I had begun to pare back on my extracurriculars, i.e. freelance work and teaching a fitness class, and thought I’d have all this time to nest and get ready for the baby, due mid-April.

But no. You see, we are those crazy people who bought a house when I was eight months pregnant and moved into it two weeks before my due date. And rented out the two units in the previous house.  Then proceeded to remodel three rooms in the new house, with a bathroom still in progress.

It just sort of happened … ?

But that all means that I have so many fun updates to post about! I am on maternity leave until mid-August, so there’s at least a chance I will actually do the posts.

And believe it or not, we have slowed down. Having a baby kind of forces you to! And we welcome it … though there is a learning curve. 🙂




    1. Thank you! With how slim fitting and short my wedding dress already was (not floor length, no train), I really didn’t think I’d be able to do much with it later… but who knew?

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