The Grand Reveal: Queen Anne Cottage Bathroom!

I’m so excited to share the first AFTER photos of our upstairs unit in the Queen Anne Cottage … tempered slightly by the fact that we moved before the unit was fully staged, and these snapshots are pretty bad.

As a reminder, these were the key inspirational images (full inspo post here):


Here’s the befooooooooore:

And here’s how it all came together! I’ve included pictures “in the nude” and with accessories, some super-imposed.

1- West Elm, 2- Houzz, 3- Wayfair, 4- Macys, 5- Misty Lee Cosmetics, 6- Lucky Clover (does not include liner), 7- Ballard Design, 8- Overstock

Sink – OfferUp << Check OfferUp, Craigslist, Let Go and search terms like “vintage trough sink,” “antique sink,” “retro schoolhouse sink,” etc. We paid $75 for ours unfinished. We paid a small fortune to get it and the clawfoot tub refinished, but we are so thrilled with the results.

VanityDragotta Designs on Etsy << LUUUURVE their stuff, and the owner, Jonathan, is super easy to work with and great at customizing pieces to your liking. We were in a pinch to get the vanity in before the sink was refinished, and he rushed the order for us over Christmas! Cannot say enough good things :). Here’s a better shot of the vanity before we added handles/towel bars from Wayfair.


Tile FloorTile For Less … I look forward to any rendezvous with my gal Rainbow at the SoDo store. She suggested a linen finish to add warmth and I love how it turned out!

Medicine Cabinet – Amazon


1- Lucky Clover, 2- Lowe’s, 3- Etsy, 4- Macys, 5- Ribbon Bazaar and Amazon, 6- Barneys

Well folks, what do you think? It’s weird to sum up hours and hours of research (me) and manually labor (Tristan) into a single blog post and essentially two photos, but I’m hopeful that you get the jist.

Would love to hear your feedback! 🙂




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