Torie the Copycat, Round 2

Ever since I saw this outfit grace the runway at Neiman Marcus, I knew it needed to be on my body, some way, some how.

Look 3

I had most of the pieces already, which was part of the reason I was so excited, but I did purchase a $12 BCBG skirt from Buffalo Exchange to complete the look.

I was waiting for the perfect reason to “day dress up” in the Northwest, and the opportunity finally presented itself a few weekends ago, at the Bellevue Art Festival.

white outfit 3

White outfit 1

The hardest part was taking decent photos with the bright sun and all-white outfit, while keeping Tristan motivated. He was a good sport overall, and let’s be honest, it was really hot out and people were staring (probably thinking, “Poor boy, bet that girl’s a handful!”).

white outfit 4

As if we hadn’t been out there long enough, I decided to do a wardrobe change. Here’s the 2.0 version:

white outfit 7

I ended up wearing this version to the Bellevue Arts Festival, minus the heels.

In retrospect, I think I do prefer the look of Neiman Marcus’ flounce skirt over my tulip-shape skirt, but for $12,  I’m not complaining. And the floppy hat ended up being way practical, as I did not get sunburned while walking around! Form AND function, yay.





First Pitch Fashion

How ’bout dem Mariners? I was so emotionally exhausted after Superbowl that skipped over basketball and soccer completely this year (tried to jump in on World Cup at the last second). But I’m back in the saddle for baseball. Baseball fashion, that is. Let’s call it First Pitch Fashion. Now, First Pitch Fashion might mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. In Seattle, it means looking as spring-y as possible while still preparing for rain. One of the best sporting day purchases I’ve made is this sleeveless sweatshirt hoodie from American Apparel. It allows me to add a hood to almost any outfit without bulking up. And since it unzips, I can easily show off my Mariner’s jersey (from Fred Meyer’s little boys dept.) if weather permits. Here’s the whole look: First Pitch Fashion - I bought these striped pants on a whim last year (Forever 21, where all whims happen) and was immediately informed that they looked like baseball pants. So, obviously, I’ve been counting on wearing them to a baseball game ever since. THEN, at the game, several friends asked me why I was wearing Yankee pants. WHATEVER, PEOPLE. Ug. #cantwin. First Pitch Fashion - My friend Chelsea got a screamin’ deal on a baseball cap at the game and I love how her look came together: First Pitch Fashion - We are lucky to have teal as a team color – it looks great on everyone! I’ll have to expand my Mariner’s look beyond white next year. First Pitch Fashion - What are your favorite outfits for baseball games/baseball season? I have to say, some of my friends are starting to put their kids in T-ball, and it has me PRETTY excited about the prospect of a  T-ball season for our kids one day. Obviously, I’ll need to be in charge of making team mom T-shirts, or something. Upon quick research, the options are grim. -t&T T&T          

Mother Daughter Matching

As Tristan and I celebrated our moms last weekend, I got to thinking of a practice embraced by some daughters and shunned by others. Or, both embraced and shunned by the same daughter, depending on life phase and hormone levels. The practice? Mother-daughter matching outfits.

I didn’t grow up with sisters and was never forced to match, so perhaps I’ve had an unmet yearning all these years. Sometimes I try to “coordinate” with Tristan, but it almost never gets approved. But sometimes, when my mom’s and my styles collide, we get matching blazers. Here’s some matching Classiques Entier tweed blazers we picked up several years ago and wore on Mother’s Day that year:


Now that I’m entering the phase of life in which people get pregnant by choice,  it got me also thinking about about the prospect of matching clothes with my future daughter.

It could be literal, matching to a T:

Literal 1

Vintage matching

Literal 2

Literal 3

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

Or more of a “coordination” of colors/patterns:

Polka Dot Pants

1, 2

Paired with Mom 1




And I think we all know what the natural next step is:

Fringe Look

1, 2, 3


1, 2

Add a matching American Girl Doll outfit. Duhs.

Which, if I’m being reflective, is probably how I got obsessed with matching in the first place. Who wouldn’t want to match after being engrossed in American Girl Doll catalogs for 12 years?


Cape outfit

1, 2

However, when matching, it’s crucial that the outfits are not ugly. Especially since those around you have to see it twice:

What Not To Do 2

What Not To Do

1, 2

Now, if I don’t end up having a daughter, I have found one inspiring mother/son matching outfit image; however I’m very certain Tristan would intervene, and/or the son would kill me later. But look how cute!!

Mother Son


Anyway, though it’s a few days past the official Mother’s Day, it’s never too late to show appreciation to all the moms out there, who are probably reading this post thinking, “She will absolutely NOT have time to match outfits with her kid once she actually has one and knows what it’s like!” Perhaps. Don’t ruin this for me!

Happy Mother’s… week.



Casual Friday to Saturday Funday

If you’re like me, at least half of the fun of a weekend getaway is the anticipation – AKA figuring out what to pack to have THE perfect outfit each day. Eight pairs of shoes and several head-to-toe looks does not the perfect pack job make (though in retrospect, it doesn’t hurt to bring rainboots!). “THE” ideal weekend wardrobe consists of pieces that are stylish (duh), comfortable and versatile, in as small of bag as humanly possible.

A huge part of minimizing my cargo this weekend was to figure out a casual Friday outfit for work that I’d also be excited to wear on Saturday in Portland. I figured leather pants would do the trick – leather pants always feel fun and special. Here is the look I was going for:

Casual Friday to Saturday Funday!Pants / Flats / Sweatshirt / Denim Shirt / Pearl Earrings / Necklace / Tote

And here is how it turned out:



Of course, given the universal law of irony, the weekend I pre-plan to wear the same shirt more than once, I spill on it FOUR TIMES on the very first day. I am such a toddler sometimes! UG.

I wore my [dirty] sweatshirt to lounge in throughout the weekend, and threw on a red tweed leather trim blazer (can you picture it? it’s not online) over the denim button up on Saturday to meet my fabulous friend Meredith of Martha Chartreuse – more on that rendezvous later this week!

I’m always on the hunt for transitional outfits … what are your favorite clothing items to pack?






One Skirt, Three Ways

April 8, 2014 — This post could also be called How to Wear a Winter Skirt in the Spring.

When I inherited the skirt from my last post, it was a knee length and about two sizes too big. Feeling inspired by the below looks (preppy-mod-meets-nineties), I decided to invest in having it tailored.

aschool 015  0204141519baCHER 007

Via Atlantic Pacific/Scout it Out/Atlantic Pacific

My skirt is made of a thick tweed with silk lining, and whenever lining is involved, alterations get more expensive. In this case, it was $40ish. The first look is an unbuttoned version of my last post’s outfit.

Torie and Tristan Pattern Mixing (24)

Torie and Tristan Pattern Mixing (29)

Torie and Tristan Pattern Mixing (27)

I mean, if there are pearls in the picture, don’t I have to do some sort of pose with them? It feels awkward … yet… I can’t fight it.

The thickness of the skirt also meant that it was made to be worn in the winter, but I wanted a little more bang for my buck. Here’s a springish look:

Pop of Pink (7)

Pop of Pink (15)

Pop of Pink (5)

The pops of pink are hard to tell, namely the necklace and lips. If you’ve been following my fashion posts, you’ll know a magenta clutch and pumps are on my wish list, which I think would be very fun additions to this outfit. And magenta nails. The necklace, bracelets, and shoes also incorporate a bold gold, which is also sort of hard to see. Use your imagination!

Next, the Clueless-inspired look:

Yellow Clueless (2)

Yellow Clueless (1)

Yellow Clueless (4)

Yellow Clueless (5)

Yellow Clueless (7)… and I already have more ideas! Which look is your favorite? High wasted mini skirts are back, people!




Pattern Mixing 2.0

I would consider myself fairly adept at pattern mixing when it comes to fashion – polka dot cardigan with striped skirt, plaid pants with paisley blouse, leopard and anything, etc. I also love a good matching set, such as a a tweed suit (a la St. John or Chanel). One trend that has not come quite as naturally to me is wearing two pieces that have the same pattern only in different sizes or colors (so, not quite matching). For example:


Via Atlantic Pacific


Via Glitter Guide


Via The Zoe Report


Via a Dash of Darling

Chanel: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring / Summer 2013



Via A Dash of Darling


Via Atlantic Pacific

W Magazine's Golden Globes Luncheon

Via The Zoe Report

rb 3

Via Atlantic Pacific

So, I decided to challenge myself when I inherited a skirt that matched an Anthropologie coat I scored at Buffalo Exchange a few years back. The checkerboard/houndstooth hybrid print is identical, except the skirt’s print is slightly scaled down. I just got the skirt back from the tailor, so I wasn’t able to give the outfit a whirl until this weekend – I made it just in time, as the coat will be tucked away with my other winter clothing in a few days.

What do you think?

Torie and Tristan Pattern Mixing (40)

Torie and Tristan Pattern Mixing (41)

Torie and Tristan Pattern Mixing (37)

Torie and Tristan Pattern Mixing (35)

I’m not sure how long this trend will be around, but it was fun to try out, especially with Tristan art directing and taking the photos :). While spring may be here, I am not quite ready to let go of the skirt yet – I’ve only had it for a few days! I’ve put together a few more looks with the skirt that I will share in my next post. And I will give you a hint as to my inspiration:


About my look: Skirt – Nordstrom, old; get a similar one here. Coat – Anthropologie, old. Tights – Hue. Shoes – Kors.

Until next time!



Matching Handbags & Heels

March 30, 2014

As I mentioned in my previous post, Neiman Marcus and the Texans have inspired me to match my heels with my handbag.

Here are some combo examples in just about every color imaginable:


Handbags and Heels (1)

Via Angel Food Style

Handbags and Heels (3)

Via Atlantic Pacific


Revolution By LG/Verizon Party

Via gwjocelyn


Handbags and Heels (8)

Via The Blonde Salad


Handbags and Heels (6)

Via Zimbio


Handbags and Heels (5)

Via The Decorista Dreams


Handbags and Heels (4)

Via This Plus That


Handbags and Heels (1)

Via What Every Woman Needs

And, finally, the matched set I’ve landed upon for myself –


Matching handbags & heels

Handbag image via Social Bliss

Shoes: Nina Bonique, on sale for $69.99 and available here

Purse: Gigi New York Magenta Uber Clutch, $145 (plus $15 for monogram) and available here

So what do you think of matching handbags with heels? Which style is your fave? Am I the most old fashioned person ever for liking this style?




Spring Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus

March 26, 2014

This past weekend, I attended Neiman Marcus’ CUSP Spring Fashion Show at The Bravern. I would describe CUSP as Neiman Marcus’ department for the young and hip. So, as I’m ever striving to be young and hip, I was very excited to attend the show. Tristan sat this one out, HA!

I mean, there’s no way he would’ve appreciated the darlingness that we were greeted with:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (7)

… but my friend Kelly sure did! Here we are in our fashion show garb:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (8)

We squeezed in some pre-fashion show shopping:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (10)

And alas! The runway (hot pink, naturally):

NM Cusp Fashion Show (11)

Hi there, Rebecca of Eastside Fashion, Delaney of Lover of Clothes, and Jennifer!

NM Cusp Fashion Show (13)

Rebecca is really good at knowing how and where to pose for pictures. Thanks for the tips, Rebecca!

NM Cusp Fashion Show (9)

I had all my gear:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (12)

And the show began! There were seven looks I fell in love with.

First up: loving the pattern mixing with crop top and backpack:

Look 1

A chic white power suit with silver clutch:

Look 2

Awesome space dye pattern, and AGAIN with the crop top!

Look 4

This coat speaks to me on so many levels. And the harem pants and tassel necklace? LOVE!

Look 5Look 5 p 2

I’ve noticed models wearing matching shoes and handbags at several Neiman Marcus fashion events. Is it the fact that the company is from Texas and Texans are more formal and love matching? It seems that this practice is less common in the Seattle area, however I am a major fan. Especially when the handbag and shoes are a fun neon yellow! I’m also interested in trying an outfit featuring different shades of denim.

I love the pattern mixing and crop top in this middle outfit. And the yellow coat. Just, everything.

Look 6 and 7

And finally, the most inspirational outfit of all, which is destined to be featured on Torie the Copycat:

Look 3

Mark my words, it’s happening!

Each portion of the fashion show was themed around one of Neiman Marcus’ 10 Spring Trends. The trends I enjoyed the most were White with Black (duh, have you seen this blog?!) and “Short Stories” (I think this means crop tops). Also, pattern mixing, which wasn’t an official trend but I saw a lot of it and it was great. And the matching handbags and purses!

After the fashion show, there were makeovers and a braid bar:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (33) NM Cusp Fashion Show (34)NM Cusp Fashion Show (35) NM Cusp Fashion Show (36)

After the event, we ran up to Mariposa, Neiman Marcus’ restaurant, for a quick bite. I had never been and oh man, have I been missing out! Example: It was 3 p.m., so Kelly and I were just going to grab a soup or salad to hold us over until dinner. When we were seated at our table, our server greeted us eachwith a teacup of fresh, warm chicken broth and a cheddar biscuit.

NM Cusp Fashion Show (38)

Then, a chef with a French accent came over and offered us popovers with homemade strawberry butter. They were still warm. Where am I, Paris?!

NM Cusp Fashion Show (1)

NM Cusp Fashion Show (2)

Kelly and I ended up splitting an entree salad – the Chicken Bistro Salad, or something along those lines. I think it was around $17 – pretty average here in Seattle. Here is my half portion:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (3)

It was the perfect post shopping trip pick-me-up. Though, Kelly and I will probably go back sans shopping trip. It’s not every day I can purchase clothing at Neiman Marcus, but lunch in the cafe (it is actually only open for lunch) is an accessible treat I hope frequent more often!

Going back to fashion – what do you think of the spring trends? All of the looks shown are available – shocker – at CUSP. Any spring trends you’ve been wanting to try? I have a few fashion posts in the works, including my spring fashion wish list.



Torie the Copycat

Okay, you guys, DON’T LAUGH! I have been dreaming of this post since before this blog even existed – when I was still laying on the beach on my honeymoon, in fact. I’d decided to start a blog upon my return to the States, and all my ideas were jotted in a journal at this point. Of course! I thought. I’ll have all the time in the world now that I don’t have a wedding to plan! Today’s post made my original list of ideas, and I’ve had sooo much extra time, that I’m finally getting to it, six months later.

I fell in love with this outfit ages ago. I’m not sure if it’s the timeless-with-a-touch-of-eighties aesthetic, or the fact that I had several of the pieces already in my wardrobe, but would’ve never thought to combine them in this way.

Fur Coat Original Look

I’m so into wearing white pants right now. If you missed my post on wearing all white outfits during the winter, here it is. The above outfit is a little less extreme (I think?). I found similar white pants after months of searching: some leggings with a seam down the front at Papaya for $10. Who knew?

Here is my version (sans male model, since Tristan was taking all the photos, and doing an excellent job directing, I might add):

Torie Fur Coat Copycat (1)

Well, there you have it! I’m no model, but it was tons of fun to play dress up and replicate the outfit, and I hope to do more copycatting in the future. Here are some other shots:

Torie Fur Coat Copycat (2)

Torie Fur Coat Copycat (5)

…and some more full body shots… Torie Fur Coat Copycat (4)

Torie Fur Coat Copycat (3)

Torie Fur Coat Copycat (6)

What are some outfits you’ve been dying to recreate with your own pieces? I know we all have them. Well, and as usual, I’m speaking mainly to the ladies here. BUT! A fun update for you: Tristan’s been hit with the blogger’s bug and has decided that he would like to start contributing a Friday column. Launch date is TBD, but I’m sure excited that the blog name will finally be factual, instead of Torie and More Torie.



Top 3 Ways to Live With Less

My mom and I are different in that she is a saver and I am a spender. She has a natural inclination to save her money until she finds an item truly of value. I agree with this concept in principle, but just seem to have a broader definition of “value” and therefore my savings have historically been scarce. This doesn’t mean that I compulsively blow all my money, or that I can’t understand having a savings or preparing for the future financially (Tristan and the angels rejoice!). It does mean that I have a lot of things.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned a bit more about what items are worth spending money on – I have a better sense of what style of clothing is most practical for my lifestyle; I no longer have an eclectic college decor palette and have instead edited down to certain colors and textures; I research thoroughly to know whether a particular item is truly an amazing deal and/or hard to find. I’m better at distinguishing the ACT-NOW-CRUCIAL-PURCHASE feeling from the ooooo pretty! impulse feeling. Does that make sense?

Back to my mom. One way she has majorly influenced me is by giving me a love of purging. She is constantly getting rid of unnecessary items for the sake of “being tidy.” I too love editing; partly because my petite apartment sizes to date have necessitated it (and I like the challenge), and partly because I firmly believe that we are more creative when we have less options. For instance, we both loved this tiny RV-sized apartment (click the picture for a photo tour):


That website led me on a several hour tangent looking for tiny inspiring homes. I found this video from Life Edited founder Graham Hill on his 400 square foot Manhattan apartment that is six rooms in one and can host a dinner party for ten:

Here’s a quick 5-minute video where he explains how Less Stuff Leads to More Freedom:

I’m constantly looking for new ways to push myself in this area. Getting rid of clothing can be tricky, because we’ve all told ourselves that most trends eventually come back around and our currently outdated sweater could one day be vintage fabulousness. I personally am pretty ruthless when it comes to getting rid of clothing (and Buffalo Exchange has rewarded me) and am fortunate to have had very few regrets. Here are my top three tips for living with less if you’re a spender like me.

TOP 3 WAYS TO LIVE WITH LESS - Torie and Tristan

1. Temporarily store it. For the last two years, I’ve only unpacked half of my fall/winter clothing from storage. The pieces that are packed away, I don’t miss. The pieces that are in my closet, I completely love. I am used to living without the extra clothing, but without the anxiety of getting rid of them altogether. I then enjoy looking at the options in my closet, finding new creative outfit combinations, and actually being able to move the hangers on the rack (…).  I feel far more comfortable getting rid of the items stored away at the end of the season. I’m currently doing a similar experiment with my candle/candlestick stash.

2. Make a list. Us spenders are not going to just stop buying things to “live on less” – no fun at all! But figure out what you tend to buy extra of and make a shopping bucket list. For me, this is clothing. I have a bucket list of 10-12 classic items that I completely love and am slowly procuring. There is no deadline, so I have a lifetime to find a way to get a St. John suit, but I still have a sense of purpose when I’m shopping. I also have a “trendy” shopping list for each season (so, 4x/year). I used to do this in jr. high and high school, when I had to strategize how to get the most out of my clothing allowance.  When I started earning my own money in my early 20s, I went a little crazy with the clothes spending, and I have since returned to having a seasonal list to help me focus. This type of list helps you take advantage of trends in a thoughtful, less impulsive way. You can even develop a fashion mood board for yourself. And limit the amount of daily deal sites you allow yourself to subscribe to!

3. Focus on upgrading versus adding. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve honed in on what types of clothing are most suited for my lifestyle. As such, many of my purchases are replacing and/or upgrading current items in my closet. I do work out, but do I need 12 college T-shirts for the gym? Or, would I prefer a small rotation of cute sport bra tops from Lulu Lemon or Zella? A less expensive example of this would be DIYing furniture you already have. It looks new, but it’s not taking up any more space in your home. When I’m thrift shopping, I almost always check the sweater rack to see if there’s a cashmere version of a sweater I already own. The black jersey wrap dress I recently purchased has replaced a cheapie jersey swing dress with holes from overuse. And so on. You already know you’ll wear/use the item, so it’s a safe use of a shopping obsession. 🙂

You might have already seen this gal’s amazing DC studio apartment tour, which proves that one doesn’t have to be a minimalist to live on less.

425 Square Foot Apt

Here’s a shot of my old 400 square foot studio apt. I’ve posted a full tour on the Torie & Tristan Facebook page.

Torie Studio 5- Torie and Tristan

I’m also totally loving the Tiny House Swoon website right now.

Do you have any tricks for getting yourself to live with less? I’m well aware that I don’t have all of the answers. Do you know me personally and find it hard to believe I am such an avid purger? 🙂