What To Wear To A Country Concert

…If you’re a huge poser like me.

One of Tristan’s life dreams is to go to a Garth Brooks concert and in just two short weeks, that dream will come true! I’m not a huge country fan, though I can get excited about country if there’s a concert or road trip involved. When in Rome, as they say.

Given my obsession with theme dressing, I took to Google and Pinterest to find outfit ideas. The requirements were that it couldn’t be too country and also couldn’t be super bare, since it’s not summer. The latter was the major challenge – most of the outfits were definitely for summer concerts. Like this cute round-up, for instance.

I found a few inspiring looks on Pinterest before hitting the jackpot: Free People’s blog. More Western, less cowboy.

Country Closet 1 Country Closet 2 Country Closet 3 Country Closet 4 Country Closet 5 Country Closet 6 Country Closet 8 Country Closet 9 Country Closet 10 Country Closet 10

I found this look on Pinterest:


I also referred to Facebook to check out my friend Cassie’s concert outfits. Cassie Correlle is a country artist and has been singing/songwriting since I met her in high school. She’s got some darling outfits that aren’t too country or too bare.

FB_IMG_1426229417493 (2) FB_IMG_1426229542296 FB_IMG_1426229598624 (2)

My research culminated in this outfit, for which I have secured all of the pieces. I purchased similar shorts and the kimono at Ross, I bought the boots last year at Buffalo Exchange, and the belt I found on Etsy. I have burgundy and gold dangly earrings (but aren’t the little tassels perfection!?). I will be wearing nude tights to help with warmth. What do you think?!

What to Wear to a Country Concert final

Earrings // Shorts // Shirt // Kimono (similar here) // Belt (vintage) // Boots



Sailing the Open Sea Pt. 2

Earlier this week, I shared about a recent sailing trip with Tristan’s parents. I had to lay the foundation by sharing all of the outfit research I conducted in advance, so that I could be ready to go sailing at a moment’s notice. Here are some photos from that day.

Up and at ’em with some coffee.

Torie and Tristan at Sea (2)

I find it a source of pride that I don’t know how to take a selfie (or whatever). After taking the above shot, I attempted to take a manly photo of Tristan, and this is how it turned out:

Torie and Tristan at Sea (3)

UG. Trying this again.

Torie and Tristan at Sea (4)

There we go.

Here is our captain. Captain Dave.

Torie and Tristan at Sea (9)

I somehow did not get a picture of my mother-in-law, probably because she was down in the cabin making a fabulous tapas lunch during the time I was in picture mode.

Torie and Tristan at Sea (12)

Those are figs, people. I know, right? So fancy.

It was a day filled with lovely views and the most peaceful setting ever. I even had to take a little nap.

Torie and Tristan at Sea (5)  Torie and Tristan at Sea (7) Torie and Tristan at Sea (8) Torie and Tristan at Sea (10)

We aren’t technically in the “open sea,” but it’s still pretty spacious!

Torie and Tristan at Sea (11) Torie and Tristan at Sea (13)

Look, the Needle!

Torie and Tristan at Sea (14)

Since I didn’t take a full outfit photo, I’ve recreated my final outfit here:SUMMER SAILING OUTFIT Seattle Edition - Torie & Tristan

Anorak, Boyfriend Jeans, Flats, Sunglasses, Bathing Suit Top, Scarf (sorry, not all of these are still available!)

The casual research I conducted on sailing outfits totally paid off! Wouldn’t you know, my mother-in-law goes, “Oh, you look like Grace Kelly!”


First of all, I wouldn’t go that far. Second of all, isn’t every female trying to look like Grace Kelly every day, at least a little? I thought that was a cultural norm. But I was sure prepared with my sunglasses and headscarf! And was of course, very flattered.



Sailing the Open Sea

Tristan grew up on boats and his parents have a vessel or three. We went out sailing one day a few weeks ago and it was delightful. In two and a half years of knowing this family, this was the first time I’d ever been out on one of their boats. We just couldn’t get the scheduling to work. I’m so glad we finally did!

Just so I wouldn’t be caught off guard, I started gathering outfit inspiration months in advance. I needed to be prepared at a moment’s notice!

First, I consulted our Forefathers (click on images for source):

Sailing Inspiration 4



38. sailing habituallychic

Grace Kelly:


Grace Kelly

The Kennedys:


5. jackie kennedy sailing habituallychic

16. kennedys sailing habituallychic

Then, just to cross my Ts and dot my Is, some general Pinterest and Google research:

Sailing Inspiration 3

Sailing Inspiration 5

Sailing Inspiration 2

Sailing Inspiration


LOVING these yellow coats – waterproof but still fun!




This gal even managed to get Chanel into her sailing look:


Here’s a cute look, but I don’t know what woman would wear that skirt sailing… that thing would get blown up by the wind in .132 seconds. Not trying to moon the in-laws!


But I do love those shoes. I also found a Croc version that I love. People are so hard on Crocs. When I worked at Disneyworld, entire families would come in with matching Crocs. Then I finally tried some on, you know, for commuter shoes. THEN I was hooked. And that was when they were still the slingback ugliness! It’s my dirty little secret.

But these little darlings, now just $25, I would wear with pride.


Look at this video that shows them in action… with a very chic sailing outfit, I might add!

And Tristan is WELCOME to dress like George Clooney any day.

2. george clooney sailing habituallychic

Here’s another man look I love:


Stay tuned for the next post which includes the final outfit and some other shots from our sailing trip!



Torie the Copycat, Round 2

Ever since I saw this outfit grace the runway at Neiman Marcus, I knew it needed to be on my body, some way, some how.

Look 3

I had most of the pieces already, which was part of the reason I was so excited, but I did purchase a $12 BCBG skirt from Buffalo Exchange to complete the look.

I was waiting for the perfect reason to “day dress up” in the Northwest, and the opportunity finally presented itself a few weekends ago, at the Bellevue Art Festival.

white outfit 3

White outfit 1

The hardest part was taking decent photos with the bright sun and all-white outfit, while keeping Tristan motivated. He was a good sport overall, and let’s be honest, it was really hot out and people were staring (probably thinking, “Poor boy, bet that girl’s a handful!”).

white outfit 4

As if we hadn’t been out there long enough, I decided to do a wardrobe change. Here’s the 2.0 version:

white outfit 7

I ended up wearing this version to the Bellevue Arts Festival, minus the heels.

In retrospect, I think I do prefer the look of Neiman Marcus’ flounce skirt over my tulip-shape skirt, but for $12,  I’m not complaining. And the floppy hat ended up being way practical, as I did not get sunburned while walking around! Form AND function, yay.





First Pitch Fashion

How ’bout dem Mariners? I was so emotionally exhausted after Superbowl that skipped over basketball and soccer completely this year (tried to jump in on World Cup at the last second). But I’m back in the saddle for baseball. Baseball fashion, that is. Let’s call it First Pitch Fashion. Now, First Pitch Fashion might mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. In Seattle, it means looking as spring-y as possible while still preparing for rain. One of the best sporting day purchases I’ve made is this sleeveless sweatshirt hoodie from American Apparel. It allows me to add a hood to almost any outfit without bulking up. And since it unzips, I can easily show off my Mariner’s jersey (from Fred Meyer’s little boys dept.) if weather permits. Here’s the whole look: First Pitch Fashion - I bought these striped pants on a whim last year (Forever 21, where all whims happen) and was immediately informed that they looked like baseball pants. So, obviously, I’ve been counting on wearing them to a baseball game ever since. THEN, at the game, several friends asked me why I was wearing Yankee pants. WHATEVER, PEOPLE. Ug. #cantwin. First Pitch Fashion - My friend Chelsea got a screamin’ deal on a baseball cap at the game and I love how her look came together: First Pitch Fashion - We are lucky to have teal as a team color – it looks great on everyone! I’ll have to expand my Mariner’s look beyond white next year. First Pitch Fashion - What are your favorite outfits for baseball games/baseball season? I have to say, some of my friends are starting to put their kids in T-ball, and it has me PRETTY excited about the prospect of a  T-ball season for our kids one day. Obviously, I’ll need to be in charge of making team mom T-shirts, or something. Upon quick research, the options are grim. -t&T T&T          

Mother Daughter Matching

As Tristan and I celebrated our moms last weekend, I got to thinking of a practice embraced by some daughters and shunned by others. Or, both embraced and shunned by the same daughter, depending on life phase and hormone levels. The practice? Mother-daughter matching outfits.

I didn’t grow up with sisters and was never forced to match, so perhaps I’ve had an unmet yearning all these years. Sometimes I try to “coordinate” with Tristan, but it almost never gets approved. But sometimes, when my mom’s and my styles collide, we get matching blazers. Here’s some matching Classiques Entier tweed blazers we picked up several years ago and wore on Mother’s Day that year:


Now that I’m entering the phase of life in which people get pregnant by choice,  it got me also thinking about about the prospect of matching clothes with my future daughter.

It could be literal, matching to a T:

Literal 1

Vintage matching

Literal 2

Literal 3

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

Or more of a “coordination” of colors/patterns:

Polka Dot Pants

1, 2

Paired with Mom 1




And I think we all know what the natural next step is:

Fringe Look

1, 2, 3


1, 2

Add a matching American Girl Doll outfit. Duhs.

Which, if I’m being reflective, is probably how I got obsessed with matching in the first place. Who wouldn’t want to match after being engrossed in American Girl Doll catalogs for 12 years?


Cape outfit

1, 2

However, when matching, it’s crucial that the outfits are not ugly. Especially since those around you have to see it twice:

What Not To Do 2

What Not To Do

1, 2

Now, if I don’t end up having a daughter, I have found one inspiring mother/son matching outfit image; however I’m very certain Tristan would intervene, and/or the son would kill me later. But look how cute!!

Mother Son


Anyway, though it’s a few days past the official Mother’s Day, it’s never too late to show appreciation to all the moms out there, who are probably reading this post thinking, “She will absolutely NOT have time to match outfits with her kid once she actually has one and knows what it’s like!” Perhaps. Don’t ruin this for me!

Happy Mother’s… week.



Casual Friday to Saturday Funday

If you’re like me, at least half of the fun of a weekend getaway is the anticipation – AKA figuring out what to pack to have THE perfect outfit each day. Eight pairs of shoes and several head-to-toe looks does not the perfect pack job make (though in retrospect, it doesn’t hurt to bring rainboots!). “THE” ideal weekend wardrobe consists of pieces that are stylish (duh), comfortable and versatile, in as small of bag as humanly possible.

A huge part of minimizing my cargo this weekend was to figure out a casual Friday outfit for work that I’d also be excited to wear on Saturday in Portland. I figured leather pants would do the trick – leather pants always feel fun and special. Here is the look I was going for:

Casual Friday to Saturday Funday!Pants / Flats / Sweatshirt / Denim Shirt / Pearl Earrings / Necklace / Tote

And here is how it turned out:



Of course, given the universal law of irony, the weekend I pre-plan to wear the same shirt more than once, I spill on it FOUR TIMES on the very first day. I am such a toddler sometimes! UG.

I wore my [dirty] sweatshirt to lounge in throughout the weekend, and threw on a red tweed leather trim blazer (can you picture it? it’s not online) over the denim button up on Saturday to meet my fabulous friend Meredith of Martha Chartreuse – more on that rendezvous later this week!

I’m always on the hunt for transitional outfits … what are your favorite clothing items to pack?