A Byte of Life

This Weekend

This past weekend I attended the International Food Blogger Conference, and let me tell you – after eating and drinking for 48 hours, I am in a day-long FOOD COMA! Such a first-world problem, I know.

At the conference, I learned several cool things, which I will be sharing throughout the week. I thought I’d share a few highlights first.

The first highlight: I got to meet Dorie Greenspan, the conference’s keynote speaker and James Beard award-winning cookbook author/NY Times food writer extraordinaire. She commutes between her three kitchens in Paris, NYC and Connecticut, currently working on her 12th cookbook. One of the cookbooks, Baking with Julia, was written with and for Julia Child. Dorie was writing about food before food was cool. AND! She didn’t even bake so much as chocolate chip cookies before she was married and working on her doctorate.

Torie & Dorie 2

She’s about yea big (not sure how with all of the French pastries!), so perky and inspirational, and now I’m a huge groupie  (officially known as Doristas). I have selected her cookbook Around My French Table to add to my Christmas list.**


** Yes, I already have a Christmas list; in fact, I ALWAYS have one… it helps me only buy truly urgent and important items throughout the year. Generally, I don’t start talking about what’s on my list until Thanksgiving though, so Tristan/people don’t hate me.

The second highlight was meeting my new friend Kate, of A Byte of Life! We met in line for the very first session (lunch), and were inseparable all weekend. We have a lot in common, and conveniently, she’s local, so we are excited to partner on blog posts in the future!

Here we are enjoying one of the things we have in common – a love of craft cocktails:


We were sipping Moscow Mules at RN74, one of the 20 amazing restaurants that hosted a group of us bloggers for dinner on Saturday evening through Urban Spoon.

Here’s a bit of what’s to come this weekish:

  • Fondue for Game Day
  • Discover the top 5 (or so) recipes I’m most excited to try.
  • I took a break from the conference to go shopping in Paris (AKA Watson Kennedy). See my top picks from their amazing shop.
  • Wine Tasting for Dummies
  • Top 5 Back-to-School Snacks << Food blogger taste tested and approved!

Okay, bedtime!