all white

Torie the Copycat, Round 2

Ever since I saw this outfit grace the runway at Neiman Marcus, I knew it needed to be on my body, some way, some how.

Look 3

I had most of the pieces already, which was part of the reason I was so excited, but I did purchase a $12 BCBG skirt from Buffalo Exchange to complete the look.

I was waiting for the perfect reason to “day dress up” in the Northwest, and the opportunity finally presented itself a few weekends ago, at the Bellevue Art Festival.

white outfit 3

White outfit 1

The hardest part was taking decent photos with the bright sun and all-white outfit, while keeping Tristan motivated. He was a good sport overall, and let’s be honest, it was really hot out and people were staring (probably thinking, “Poor boy, bet that girl’s a handful!”).

white outfit 4

As if we hadn’t been out there long enough, I decided to do a wardrobe change. Here’s the 2.0 version:

white outfit 7

I ended up wearing this version to the Bellevue Arts Festival, minus the heels.

In retrospect, I think I do prefer the look of Neiman Marcus’ flounce skirt over my tulip-shape skirt, but for $12,  I’m not complaining. And the floppy hat ended up being way practical, as I did not get sunburned while walking around! Form AND function, yay.





Winter White Inspiration

Also known as Tina Couture, second edition. If you missed the first edition, here it is. Today, Tina struck again.

White outfit Tina inspiration

Tristan and I and some friends are attending a gallery opening this week that is themed Shades of White (I think the art is white?). Fittingly, we are charged with wearing Shades of White. All week I’ve been researching ideas. I conveniently purchased white equestrian leggings earlier this year for an upcoming post, in which I will recreate this outfit. But what to wear with them?

Some fruits of my research:

White outfit 1

Death By Elocution

White outfit 2

The Street Style

White outfit 3


White outfit 4

Brooklyn Blonde

White outfit 5


White outfit 6


White outfit 7


White outfit 8

Clothing Cult

And of course, if MK & A are doing it, it must be okay:

MK and Ashley


What all white winter outfits do you love? And gosh, I don’t even know what to put Tristan in. I’ll keep you posted!