amy pennington

Adventures in Herb Gardening

I get worked up about all kinds of things, and lately, it’s been the cost of buying herbs. And sometimes, the store is out of the herb my meal plan depends on. Real serious issues here, people.

So, I decided to try growing my own kitchen herb garden. I was inspired by Amy Pennington’s Apartment Gardening book. I haven’t read it, but knowing there’s a whole book devoted to the topic must mean that I, too, can garden from my apartment. Plus, I recently found out that the author lives on the same street as me – her weather is my weather!

I began by purchasing starter herb plants at Fred Meyer. I got cilantro (x2), basil (x2), rosemary, lavender and chives. I sadly forgot mint for mojitos.

Herb Garden

I kept these suckers indoors for a good week and they were definitely growing. The nice thing about having them in the kitchen is that it’s extremely easy to keep them watered. When my mom came over to show me how to plant plants on my patio (more on that later this week), I decided to make the move from Apartment Gardening to Just Outside the Apartment Gardening.

Here are my herbies right after transplantation (just outside of that same window):

Torie and Tristan Patio (3)

Those pellets are slug bait. Not my fave look, but if I want to actually eat the herbs, I can’t fertilize or put any chemicals near the plant itself. So I made a soggy moat of poison. One perk of kitchen gardening: no slugs!

Here are my herbs a few weeks later, with the addition of colorful drainage trays and still sans slugs:

Torie and Tristan Patio (11)

I think they need more water (apparently it’s too hard for me to open the window and reach out). But they are alive … and tasty!

The most recent research I’ve done is how to properly clip each type of herb when you want to eat it so that it grows back. Have you grown herbs before? What were things you were surprised to learn in the process? I need all the help I can get!