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DIY Manicure #5

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

Salon Effects - torieandtristan  Salon Effects - torieandtristan  Salon Effects - torieandtristan


I received (by request) Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in my stocking this Christmas (same as top right photo, Misbehaved 350, $9). I was wearing silver tones on New Year’s Eve, so obviously that was NOT the time to debut these gold-tone strips.

The next opportunity was at Seattle Metropolitan Magazine‘s Best Dressed Party a few weeks ago. Let’s be clear: I was an attendee, not a nominee. But given the theme, I still wanted to bust out all the stops! The event actually showed promise of being devoid of any Costco-brand jeans and sandals, which is guaranteed to appear multiple times at nearly any Seattle event, no matter how formal. Such is life in a tech company hub.

Anyway – back to the nails. The night before the event, I busted out the strips and got to work. There are several steps.

DIY Manicure 5 (1)

Here’s the real scoop: for each nail, you need to first figure out which strip fits the best. When you’re ready to go, you peel off a back layer and a front layer and are left with a flimsy piece of dried nail polish. It even smells just like nail polish! You squish it on to each nail and file off of the excess. It took awhile to figure out how to best maneuver each strip, but I somehow made it through without completely butchering any nails (and there are eight extra strips in each kit in case you do mess up). In some cases, I also had to try to remove excess polish from the sides of my nail because the strips ran really wide. Admittedly, my hands are on the small side, and trimming was not the end of the world, but like, who are these wide-fingernailed people they are trying to appease?! They are really wide, people.)

About an hour later, mission accomplished!

DIY Manicure 5 (3)

As you can see in the below photo, some of the tips didn’t look very secure, and I’ve since heard that adding a top coat is a game changer. Even still, they didn’t peel up for several days, and since it was a pattern, chips were very difficult to detect even when they did start to peel. I would definitely try them again!

DIY Manicure 5 - Torie and Tristan

This concludes our 3 DIY Manicure Trends series and now I’m over nails, onto vegetables. I have some Farmer’s Market vegetable side dishes I’m excited to share with you. If you thought Honey Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts was amazeballs, you’ll want to meet my new friends, the carrot and the squash.