basement remodel


Our upstairs kitchen was barely functioning by the time we moved downstairs, so the brand new appliances, counter space and functioning outlets were a REVELATION.

I was a bit more involved with the kitchen remodel – I went to the marble slab yard to pick out the counter tops and numerous tile shops to pick out the stainless steel penny tile. Home Depot, a bajillion times. Tristan and I installed the backsplash together. Tristan did everything else :). I’m so thrilled with how it turned out!

Here are the before pictures:

basement 7

Entry from living room to kitchen

basement 8

Nothing like dented linoleum to really drive home the need for change

basement 6

A weird small room adjacent to the kitchen which we ended up including in the kitchen footprint

basement 5

… as tempting as it was to try to salvage this bookcase with three-inch-deep shelves …

DEMO (2)Here is the after:









I had some leftover fabric from when I had slipcovers made for the Parson’s chairs, so I whipped up some matching curtains





Any excuse to show off my vintage barware collection…



We needed to keep a pole here, so we added wine storage as a filler so that the oven could open without hitting it


Yays! For those who are curious, Tristan poured the concrete floors and dyed them the burnt umber color. The cabinets are from





I’m really excited with how the downstairs living room came together. We first put this design together while living in the upstairs unit, which we are now remodeling. We used 90% of the same furniture as upstairs.

Here are the original inspiration pictures for the design concept:

Living Room Inspo

Living Room T&T

Here’s what it looked like before:

basement 9

basement 7

I mean, ICK, right?

Well thankfully my hubby can handle a hammer, and VOILA!

Here’s what it looks like now:



We have since finished the trim around the front door



Tristan ordered extra kitchen cabinets to make the TV build-in. We love!



A refurbished dresser-turned-shoe cabinet and side table. This was my first experience with chalk paint, my new obsession.




View from the kitchen


So what do you think?

IMG_0043 updated



House Tour: Downstairs Unit Reveal

Well, the time has come when I’ve finally had a clean house and fresh flowers simultaneously. Therefore, I was able to complete the renovation pictures of our splashy new downstairs basement!

Come on In!

The Living Room.

The Bathroom.

The Kitchen.

The Bedroom.



Remodel and Living Room Decor Update

And just like that, I felt like blogging again. I think it was a combination of me finally decorating for a holiday again (Halloween & Harvest reveal coming soon) and that the remodel of our downstairs unit is finally starting to look exciting.

Here’s our progress report.

Before (on demo day, August 2014):

DEMO (2) basement 8

After (looking same direction, taken this week):


In the interim, while NOT helping out with the remodel, I started decorating upstairs a bit more. Our our plan has always been to live upstairs while redoing the downstairs unit, move downstairs while we redo the upstairs unit, then move back upstairs and rent out the downstairs. So, you can imagine why I was hesitant to put a ton of effort into decorating and/or purchasing furniture for the upstairs unit before all of said moves. Well, I got over it, and I’m glad I did.

Here was my original inspiration. I bought curtains, a leather chair and a rug for the living room, and procured this amazing table at a garage sale that converts from a console to a dining room table that seats up to 8. It even stores 4 chairs inside the base. It’s like that IKEA one everyone has, on crack. It’s solid wood and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with it.

Here is how the living room looked right after we moved in. It stayed in this sad little form for a good six months.


And here is the last full length picture I took of my living room when it was clean.

T&T Updated Living Room

I’ve since rearranged the pillows and added cognac leather chair in the corner. Here’s two fuzzy snapshots to give you an idea.

USE ME (4)

T&T Updated Living Room

I also had two parsons chairs reupholstered, so you can see those and my console/dining table in my upcoming Halloween decor reveal!

Thanks for tuning in.