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Juice Cleanse + Giveaway Pt. 2

The first day of the juice cleanse was rough. I had always heard that the first day is easiest, since you’re “on adrenaline” (my own interpretation) — not as hungry to start, feel energized by all of the nutrients, your body doesn’t know what’s going on yet. WRONG!

Yesterday, Day 1, I slept in until 10 a.m. and didn’t start on my first juice until 11 a.m. The juices, while delicious, are larger in size than other fresh juices I purchase. The instructions space out the drinks as breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, dinner, and dessert. Since I started later in the day, I was basically drinking continuously for five hours, at which time, I was convinced that all of the juices tasted the same.

Have we all heard of the term “hangry” yet? It’s hunger-induced anger, which is a very real condition. I have never been one of those individuals who “Oops, ran out of time to eat!” and it’s just fine. Those people drive me nuts. When I haven’t eaten, I get a bad stomach ache, and all I can think about is food. Even when I have eaten, all I think about is food. Anger aside, let’s talk about basic intelligence. While my stomach was all juiced up, my brain had no juice. I couldn’t really form complete sentences – it was a very odd feeling. Low blood sugar, perhaps? Though, isn’t juice full of sugar? Hm. Day 1 was not a day of newlywed bliss, let me just say.

By dinner time, I was two juices behind and STARVING. I then not only ate all of the “approved” cheat food items, I went to the store and pre-purchased the cheats for the next two days! I only made it through 3.5 of the 6 juices the entire day, but after a hard boiled egg, a baked sweet potato, AND half an avocado, I felt much better.

Today, Day 2 … night and day. As it is Monday, I had to wake up early for work, and was able to start drinking the juice at 8:30 a.m. I’ve been able to focus just fine all day, and my energy level has been good.  I had a sweet potato and hard boiled egg for lunch, and am right on track for my dinner juice at 6 p.m. I sped up the drinking of each juice and got to take a little break in the afternoon. I haven’t lost any weight thus far and haven’t exactly experienced any of the detoxing (…), but I am hopeful. The cheat foods I’ve been eating are still pretty clean.

Any cleanse tips/tricks from all you juice aficionados out there? Am I doing it wrong? I mean, aside from the cheating.



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