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DIY Manicure #3

Today, I’ll show you my “Natural Sheer Shine” DIY. As a refresher, here are the inspiration images.

Natural Nail - TorieandTristan

Natural Nail - TorieandTristan

Natural Nail - TorieandTristan

But the real inspiration is my coworker. She had the privilege of attending the Golden Globes this year and had the most flawless nails when she returned to the office. I assumed some LA manicurist-to-the-stars was to blame, but imagine my delight when she said she did her nails herself, and did I want to borrow the polish? DID I?! OMG!

She used Deborah Lippmann’s Sarah Smile ($18).

I gathered up my nail tools including my new top coat obsession, CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat ($6.95 here).

DIY Manicure 4 (3)

After two coats of Deborah and my top coat, voila!

DIY Manicure 4 (6)

Some natural skin-toned polishes clash with my skin tone or end up looking the exact same color as my skin (barf!). I was really happy with how this particular polish looked on my skin tone. Plus, neutral tones aren’t nearly as obvious when they chip :).

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve used a nail polish that is truly sheer, it often ends up looking uneven depending on how many brush strokes each part of the nail had. OVER IT! This nail polish was fairly opaque, but with the shiny top coat, it still gave off the desired natural affect.

Overall, this was an easy one. A warm up, if you will. But if it’s good enough for the Golden Globes, it’s good enough for me!