denim getup

Fashion Obsession: Denim Get-ups

I’m obsessed with Denim Get-ups.

I know what you’re thinking.

Not that.

Not your average denim-on-denim, either, a la these ladies:

I’m talking matchy-matchy denim SETS!

You know I love a setKind of like Justin and Britney, but for 2017. And matchy-matchy with yourself, not with your partner.

I was first inspired by a sleeveless denim boatneck shirt with matching high-waisted trousers I saw in a Neiman Marcus catalog a few years ago. I hung onto the clipping for a long time, but cannot find it now :(. It’s apparently not on Google, either.

Then just last week, I saw a sleeveless denim boatneck shirt with a release-hem that matched some cropped release-hem denim pants I got last year. My set… finally realized!

Here is me struggling to take a selfie, per usual…


Shirt: Bella Dahl, on sale for $65!

Pants: H&M, similar here (only $55!) and here.


Here are some other matchy-matchy denim looks that I’m ALL ABOUT!

(pictures linked to original source)

And here are a few other get-ups you can purchase now. Click the picture for source!

and if you REALLY REALLY like this trend (and want to pay beaucoup bucks), here’s a designer version:

What do you think?

-t&T (aka Team SET!)