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DIY Manicure #4

Metallic Ombre

Metallic Tip - torieandtristan  Metallic Tip - torieandtristan

Metallic Tip - torieandtristan

At the last family get together a few weeks back (okay, it was Thanksgiving),  all of the girl cousins decided to pretend it was a slumber party and go in the hot tub, watch a movie and paint our nails. And whenever there’s high schoolers involved, let me tell you – the glitter nail polish quota goes up, by like, a million.  Here’s our stash:

DIY Manicure 4 - Torie & Tristan

Ever the strategist, I thought this would be a good time to try a sparkly metallic look I’d seen on Pinterest. There was a Husky football game the next day, so I thought shades of purple and gold would be appropriate. I started out trying to do purple with a gold french tip (see third example photo). Two fingers later, when I botched my attempt at free-hand french tip, I re-strategized. Ombre look! Way easier to execute.

Here’s the after photo, with my mug o’ cider:

DIY Manicure 4 - Torie & Tristan

I chose that picture because it conveniently shows the nails I had yet to pick off.

DIY Manicure 4 - Torie & Tristan

I failed to remember that I can’t handle manicures that aren’t smooth. Remember this manicure I did? So, like, a day later, my nails looked like this:

DIY Manicure 4 - Torie & Tristan

Ug. Oh well. I’ll give the trend another go when I grow up and stop fidgeting all the time.

Up next: the final DIY manicure trend in our series, Sally Hansen Salon Effects.