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Last Minute Easter Ideas

Tristan and I are headed out to Portland for Easter weekend, so we won’t be around to be tempted to throw together any last minute projects or recipes (thank God!). But we’re getting to be an age where many of our friends own grown-up houses and are beginning to host family get-togethers – can you imagine!? If you happen to be one of these individuals, or just want a festive home (er, apartment) as I did, here are some charming ideas I’ve come across in the last week or two.

Even MORE Easter Ideas via Torie and Tristan

Crinkle-y paper fun


Via Better Homes and Garden

Nest 2

Via Better Homes and Garden

Some charming wall art…

Bunny Butt

Via Decor for the Holidays

And, to add a little hop to your step, the Easter Carrot Mimosa:

Carrot Mimosa

Via Glitter Guide

If you’re looking for some other ideas, check out the 5 Easter Decor Trends post, which inspired my Easter Vignette. Gosh, what will I look forward to decorating for after Easter… Fourth of July?



Easter Vignette

Easter Vignette Torie and Tristan

April 5, 2014 — Easter is but a few weeks away and the Torie and Tristan household is aflutter with spring and Easter decorations. Well, a decoration. I’ve designated the perch behind our couch as Easter Zone. I thought I’d share a few shots that resulted from my quest for Easter inspiration a few weeks back.

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (18)

Meet Francis the bunny and Darling the chick:

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (14)


Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (15)

Now meet Henry, bunny #2:

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (13)

I’m all about easy, mildly ghetto seasonal art that I can print on whatever black and white printer I can mooch off of. To create the innards of the four frames, I first sought out a gardeny-spring, reminiscent-of-Biblical-scrolls type font. Success. I then typed white “allelujah” and  “he is risen indeed” text into 8″x8″ black text boxes in Word, printed, cut out the boxes, centered them on white scrapbook paper and popped them  into 12″x12″ record frames. I grabbed a clip art cross, bunny and chick from online and pasted them into Word, centering them on standard 8 1/2 by 11 paper. I didn’t even have to cut these out, I simply popped them in the matted 8 1/2 by 11 frames I already had. Don’t mind the reflection…

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (9)

Good enough! I mean, this is Easter we are talking about – a tier three decorating holiday at best. For the next tier one decorating holiday, Halloween, I will definitely be exploring gold-foiled prints from SS Print Shop. Moving on…

Here’s the zoomed out view:

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (25)

I am obsessed with these flower balls. I originally purchased them from Etsy from Curious Floral Crafts as centerpieces at my wedding, and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to repurpose them. Each flower is made of sola wood, so technically it’s “natural.”

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (19)

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (11)

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (3)

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (7)

Happy early Easter! I hope you enjoyed meeting our new little pets and taking a peek at our Easter vignette. What are you doing to celebrate? In true newlywed form, Tristan and I will be toggling between two sides of families; thankfully, their celebrations do not occur on the same day.