Color Crush: Forest Green and Salmon Pink

Lately, I’ve been trying to think of fun color combinations that I can integrate into our master bedroom now and future home. Color combinations that aren’t trendy, per se, and aren’t too bold to scare Tristan away. We have mostly neutrals in our bedroom:


New Blog Posts 115

New Blog Posts 117

Most of my colored items are kelly green and gold/leopard, which have been infused all over the living room. Other than that, I have a great coral blanket and some old salmon Euro shams similar to these … I know I will always love green… Eureka! I was reminded of a house I pinned which combined forest green with salmon pink (via Dustjacket Attic).

Forest Green and Salmon - Torie and Tristan

Once I started looking over my Pins, I found a few more instances of this fun combination (Pixlis, Dwell):Forest Green and Salmon 2 - Torie and Tristan Forest Green and Salmon 3 - Torie and Tristan

In bedrooms (via Coco & Kelley):Forest Green and Salmon 8 - Torie and Tristan Forest Green and Salmon 9 - Torie and Tristan

One can imagine what a bathroom might look like (both via Painted Furniture Online):

Forest Green and Salmon 4 - Torie and Tristan

Forest Green and Salmon 5 - Torie and Tristan

An office (via Green and Salmon 12 - Torie and Tristan

A kitchen (Gah! There’s no chance Tristan would ever go for this) via Elements of Style:

Forest Green and Salmon 6 - Torie and Tristan

Swatch 1 (via Design Seeds):

Forest Green and Salmon 7 - Torie and Tristan

Swatch 2 (via Pinterest):

Forest Green and Salmon 11 - Torie and Tristan

This is probably a realistic level of color for our room (via Shelter Interior Design):

Forest Green and Salmon 10 - Torie and Tristan

I think that by adding this one custom accent pillow from Etsy ($26) and printing out a few new art prints, this look can be ours:

Forest Green & Salmon Pink Bedroom via Torie and Tristan

Get this look:

  • White Euro Shams with Black Trim – $30 each from Ebay (I made mine using white velvet Euro shams from IKEA and ironing on black ribbon tape – they’ve lasted 3 years)
  • Salmon and White Euro Sham – $22 each from Etsy
  • Coral/Salmon Blanket – Similar throw $51.97 from Bellacor (mine is old from Pier 1)
  • Accent pillow – $26 from Etsy
  • glassybaby – $44 in Leprechaun
  • Topiary – Image from Tuckernuck (sold out); similar here ($49.99)
  • Art – Pinned from Kelly Wearstler My Vibe My Tumblr

What do you think of my inspiration board? It might take me awhile to track down my pieces from storage, but nothing makes me more excited than re-working things I already have.



A Christmas Couch – 2 Ways

One of the ways I’m spicing up my Christmas decor this year is by adding a bold punch o’ red. Pillows are an easy way to make a big impact. Easy to make; plus, I have an obsession with buying fat quarters of fabric. Just ask my mom – during college, I amassed a collection of 12 different (clashing) patterned fat quarters, and one summer, she turned them into six pillows which I proudly displayed on my XL twin bed that fall.

Before fabric shopping, I needed to research and see what type of Christmas pillow look was speaking to me. Click on the image for the source.

I definitely need to have something Moroccan Wedding Blanket in my life at some point:

Pillow Inspiration 10

But I’d settle for cable knit:

Inspiration 5

I’m almost sick of pillows with words on them, but these are exceptions:

Pillow Inspiration 11

Pillow Inspiration 12

I love plaid, and the coziness of these textures are definitely appealing:

Inspiration 7 Inspiration 8

And Parisian, always:

Inspiration 6

I was most inspired by these retro Christmas pillows from Etsy (speaking of reverting back to childhood):

Pillow Inspiration 1

Pillow Inspiration 2

Pillow Inspiration 3

Pillow Inspiration 4

Last week, I initiated my hunt. I unfortunately couldn’t find ice skating children (and I went five different places), but I eventually settled on a few spunky prints with red:

Christmas Couch 2 Ways (2)

Christmas Couch 2 Ways (3)

I decided to make two pillows with two prints, one on each side, so I could create two different looks.

Christmas Couch 2 Ways (4)

Christmas Couch 2 Ways (5)

Here is LOOK ONE:

Christmas Couch 2 Ways (10)

Christmas Couch 2 Ways (11)

Christmas Couch 2 Ways (12)

Here is LOOK TWO (note the plaid pillow in the middle – I took a Forever 21 scarf and safety pinned it around an existing pillow. The plaids don’t line up, but whatevs. “Good enough.”)

Christmas Couch 2 Ways (14)

Christmas Couch 2 Ways (17)

Christmas Couch 2 Ways (19)

Christmas Couch 2 Ways (20)

I settled on the first look, but if I get sick of it in one week… Hey! I have options (well, at least one other option). I also have options with the 4 other fat quarters I bought.

Up next: A Christmas Cookie & Cocktail Party for Two!


What to Wear on GAME DAY!

Tristan graduated from the University of Washington and is a huge Husky football fan, and now by marriage, I too am a huge Husky football fan. It’s actually quite exciting because I haven’t had a school football team to root for since high school, as my college just had basketball (GO ZAGS!).  We have season tickets and the season opener is tonight.

Aside from the game itself, there are so many other fun things for a girly girl like me to look forward to: What spirited yet fashionable outfit should I wear? What themed snacks should we bring? Where will we tailgate, and will all of our friends be there? Is there a cute dish I can/should bring to said tailgate? How would we decorate if WE had our own tailgate? For away games, are we going to host a viewing party!? Gaaah!

Today, I’m starting with what to wear. Our colors are purple and gold. Tristan loves to get his spirit gear at places like Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. He almost always finds official gear for $12 a piece. It’s shocking to see how many $40 T-shirts bigger sports chains sell…No thank you! But I’m willing to spend the money if it’s truly special and unique. For instance, some co-ed selections:

Tristan and I have socks from Skyline Socks, $12; several designs available for cities across the U.S.:


Next on our wishlist is sunglasses from Society43, $20; available for NCAA schools and customizable:


We have two sweatshirts in our vintage college collection; one from Goodwill and one from Tristan’s dad. I know Ebay has entire shops dedicated to vintage college sweatshirts. Does anyone know of any other great vintage sports gear websites?

sweatshirt 2 sweatshirt 1

For some feminine selections, I love Etsy. I got this headband with my friend Amy last year, available here ($22):

headband 2

I think this football knit headband with custom colors ($20) is quite charming, too:

headband 1

I would LOVE to bedazzle some purple vans to look like this (DIY instructions here):

tennis shoes

The list continues…. buuuuut I have to get ready for the game :).

What’s your favorite spirit gear? Any great websites or DIY projects?