Torie the Copycat

Okay, you guys, DON’T LAUGH! I have been dreaming of this post since before this blog even existed – when I was still laying on the beach on my honeymoon, in fact. I’d decided to start a blog upon my return to the States, and all my ideas were jotted in a journal at this point. Of course! I thought. I’ll have all the time in the world now that I don’t have a wedding to plan! Today’s post made my original list of ideas, and I’ve had sooo much extra time, that I’m finally getting to it, six months later.

I fell in love with this outfit ages ago. I’m not sure if it’s the timeless-with-a-touch-of-eighties aesthetic, or the fact that I had several of the pieces already in my wardrobe, but would’ve never thought to combine them in this way.

Fur Coat Original Look

I’m so into wearing white pants right now. If you missed my post on wearing all white outfits during the winter, here it is. The above outfit is a little less extreme (I think?). I found similar white pants after months of searching: some leggings with a seam down the front at Papaya for $10. Who knew?

Here is my version (sans male model, since Tristan was taking all the photos, and doing an excellent job directing, I might add):

Torie Fur Coat Copycat (1)

Well, there you have it! I’m no model, but it was tons of fun to play dress up and replicate the outfit, and I hope to do more copycatting in the future. Here are some other shots:

Torie Fur Coat Copycat (2)

Torie Fur Coat Copycat (5)

…and some more full body shots… Torie Fur Coat Copycat (4)

Torie Fur Coat Copycat (3)

Torie Fur Coat Copycat (6)

What are some outfits you’ve been dying to recreate with your own pieces? I know we all have them. Well, and as usual, I’m speaking mainly to the ladies here. BUT! A fun update for you: Tristan’s been hit with the blogger’s bug and has decided that he would like to start contributing a Friday column. Launch date is TBD, but I’m sure excited that the blog name will finally be factual, instead of Torie and More Torie.