first pitch fashion

First Pitch Fashion

How ’bout dem Mariners? I was so emotionally exhausted after Superbowl that skipped over basketball and soccer completely this year (tried to jump in on World Cup at the last second). But I’m back in the saddle for baseball. Baseball fashion, that is. Let’s call it First Pitch Fashion. Now, First Pitch Fashion might mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. In Seattle, it means looking as spring-y as possible while still preparing for rain. One of the best sporting day purchases I’ve made is this sleeveless sweatshirt hoodie from American Apparel. It allows me to add a hood to almost any outfit without bulking up. And since it unzips, I can easily show off my Mariner’s jersey (from Fred Meyer’s little boys dept.) if weather permits. Here’s the whole look: First Pitch Fashion - I bought these striped pants on a whim last year (Forever 21, where all whims happen) and was immediately informed that they looked like baseball pants. So, obviously, I’ve been counting on wearing them to a baseball game ever since. THEN, at the game, several friends asked me why I was wearing Yankee pants. WHATEVER, PEOPLE. Ug. #cantwin. First Pitch Fashion - My friend Chelsea got a screamin’ deal on a baseball cap at the game and I love how her look came together: First Pitch Fashion - We are lucky to have teal as a team color – it looks great on everyone! I’ll have to expand my Mariner’s look beyond white next year. First Pitch Fashion - What are your favorite outfits for baseball games/baseball season? I have to say, some of my friends are starting to put their kids in T-ball, and it has me PRETTY excited about the prospect of a  T-ball season for our kids one day. Obviously, I’ll need to be in charge of making team mom T-shirts, or something. Upon quick research, the options are grim. -t&T T&T