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Top 10 Halloween & Harvest Decor Ideas 2014

I enjoy decorating for Halloween. It’s mainly about the colors – orange/rust, black, white, and gold. The color maroon bores me to tears, so Thanksgiving decor is only so-so for me.

Tristan and I are on Team Jesus, and prefer to not decorate our home with witches, ghosts, goblins or devils, but skulls and artistic cobwebs are fair game. I think this is because Christians have skulls and Christians battle cobwebs – these are facts of life. I also get tons of pumpkins so that the decor can transition into Thanksgiving.  Here’s proof – exhibit A & exhibit B.

Since we’re remodeling, my seasonal decor plans are minimal. Heck, my regular decor plans are minimal – I don’t want more objects/furniture to pack up when we put in the hardwoods. Therefore, I’ve decided that for Halloween and Christmas, I will focus on a festive porch, since the porch won’t change. And I’ve never had a porch before, so it’s a fun research project :).

I originally wanted two large topiaries for the porch, but at $150+ per piece, I knew it’d be a tough sell, as they offer no value other than aesthetics. Instead, I settled on two trees from Home Depot for $12 each – guilt free, and they still accomplish the overall look. I also added a new doormat and (duh) pumpkins.

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If I were going to go all out decorating this year, here are the 10 cute, simple ideas I’ve stumbled upon recently (click on the image for source):

Halloween and Harvest 2014 2

How simple to just pop some pumpkins on a candlestick! Love this idea!

Halloween and Harvest 2014 3

Halloween and Harvest 2014 5

Another use for the natural? Hollow out some butternut squashes and put some flowers inside! Or even hay/wheat could be festive and less expensive.
Halloween and Harvest 2014 4

Finally – a use for those Mardi Gras beads you’ve had since college:Halloween and Harvest 2014 6

Halloween and Harvest 2014 7

I am definitely going to do this in the next few years with artificial sunflowers. Each bloom takes up a large amount of surface area so you wouldn’t have to buy very many to cover a ball, and could reuse them year after year for multiple occasions. If you’ve seen our wedding pictures, you know I’m a huge fan of the flower ball. If you don’t want to hang them, you can pop them into a vase for a centerpiece (like we did for Easter using our wedding balls).

So simple and chic:

Halloween and Harvest 2014 8

I love the black and white contrast! For less effort, you could paint three pumpkins and just put “BOO.”

Halloween and Harvest 2014

This might be the very first time I’ve ever referred to a lawn ornament as classy. Technically still a ghost, but an elegant ghost for sure:

Halloween and Harvest 2014 9

This is pretty chic, you know, as far as poison goes.Halloween and Harvest 2014 10

If you don’t already subscribe to Better Homes & Gardens’ weekly e-newsletters, I highly recommend it. It turns out that several of these ideas I’ve pinned over the last few months were pulled from there. If you’re looking for other ideas, check out my Halloween & Harvest board on Pinterest – you might even find some adorable kid costume ideas because I can’t help myself.

What are the cutest ideas you’ve seen this year? Anything related to porches? 🙂



Easter Vignette

Easter Vignette Torie and Tristan

April 5, 2014 — Easter is but a few weeks away and the Torie and Tristan household is aflutter with spring and Easter decorations. Well, a decoration. I’ve designated the perch behind our couch as Easter Zone. I thought I’d share a few shots that resulted from my quest for Easter inspiration a few weeks back.

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (18)

Meet Francis the bunny and Darling the chick:

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (14)


Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (15)

Now meet Henry, bunny #2:

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (13)

I’m all about easy, mildly ghetto seasonal art that I can print on whatever black and white printer I can mooch off of. To create the innards of the four frames, I first sought out a gardeny-spring, reminiscent-of-Biblical-scrolls type font. Success. I then typed white “allelujah” and  “he is risen indeed” text into 8″x8″ black text boxes in Word, printed, cut out the boxes, centered them on white scrapbook paper and popped them  into 12″x12″ record frames. I grabbed a clip art cross, bunny and chick from online and pasted them into Word, centering them on standard 8 1/2 by 11 paper. I didn’t even have to cut these out, I simply popped them in the matted 8 1/2 by 11 frames I already had. Don’t mind the reflection…

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (9)

Good enough! I mean, this is Easter we are talking about – a tier three decorating holiday at best. For the next tier one decorating holiday, Halloween, I will definitely be exploring gold-foiled prints from SS Print Shop. Moving on…

Here’s the zoomed out view:

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (25)

I am obsessed with these flower balls. I originally purchased them from Etsy from Curious Floral Crafts as centerpieces at my wedding, and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to repurpose them. Each flower is made of sola wood, so technically it’s “natural.”

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (19)

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (11)

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (3)

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (7)

Happy early Easter! I hope you enjoyed meeting our new little pets and taking a peek at our Easter vignette. What are you doing to celebrate? In true newlywed form, Tristan and I will be toggling between two sides of families; thankfully, their celebrations do not occur on the same day.