Halloween decor

Top 3 Items on My Halloween + Harvest Wish List

I’m always looking for super unique, quality seasonal decor. For cheap. My goal is to eventually be able to buy new (real) pumpkins each year and call it good. Or a Christmas tree, or Easter eggs. You know, the perishables.

Here’s what’s currently on my fall decor wish list, but I will probably hold off until next year or a post-holiday sale (for the brass pumpkins). But if you haven’t started decorating for fall, it’s not too late! Start here.

  1. West Elm Brass Pumpkin ($14-$24)West Elm Brass Pumpkin
  2. Aluminum Candleholders (DIY) Tin Candles
  3. Skeleton Wreath Hands (DIY)Hands Wreath

What do you think? What’s the most creative thing you’ve seen out there lately?



The Reveal: Halloween Home Tour 2015

And when some bloggers say “home tour,” they really mean it. I mean “come see three vignettes in my teeny teeny home.” And you guys, I have no energy to stage cord-free, shadow free photos. You’ll get the idea.

This year, I purchased a few new items.

  1. Fun and versatile felt balls that I can re-string with a few different color schemes (hello, Husky games!). Purchased over at GroopDealz ($13.99)
  2. A very exciting and unique burlap leaf runner from Home Decorator Collection ($23).

… and I completed a few projects that were on my list from last year:

  1. Poison bottles (instructions are coming soon!)
  2. Pumpkins on black candlesticks (which I already had from our wedding). They actually aren’t shown in these images because I have them scattered around the house.

What’s hilarious is that I didn’t even realize those ideas had been marinating in my head all year. I did both projects without referring to the list from last year!

Without further adieu, my three vignettes.


Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (1) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (5) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (6)


 Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (9) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (10) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (11)

Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (8)


(covering up a ghetto area of the wall…also that’s a changing table we’re using as extra storage, complete with child lock)Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (12) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (13)


Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (14) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (15) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (16)

PS – Does anyone else love the HULU Christmas Fire “movie”? I work from home and have my digital fire log going in the background…it’s great!

Coming up next: the items and projects on my wish list for next year! Maybe I’ll even remember to look at it this time.



Laying the Foundation: Halloween Home Tour 2015

As we discussed last year, Tristan and I are on Team Jesus, so we don’t really do anything witch-y ghost-y curse-y in terms of decorations. We go for what I like to call “eerie over evil.”  So, anything that one might find on Sherlock Holmes is fair game – crows, spiderwebs, old books, feathers, leaves, skulls, etc.

I love decorating for Halloween because I also get a chance to use my very favorite colors in FULL FORCE (rust, orange, gold, black, white, gray).

In case you missed it, here are the last few years’ worth of decorations… check ’em out!




This year, I’ve also added touches of blue glass and blue chinoiserie, my new obsessions. I have a separate post eventually coming that will attempt to summarize just how versatile of an investment these pieces are (baby showers! bridal showers! Fourth of July! Seahawks tablescapes!), but for now, I’ll start by sharing the harvest-y looks.

Here was my inspiration:

Blue and Orange Trend Watch via Torie and Tristan

1 – Our Southern Home 2 – Tokyo Ninja 3 – Stone Gable 4 – BHG 5 – Decor Adventures 6 – Bejing Notebook 7 – Stone Gable

Fun and different, no?