The Reveal: Halloween Home Tour 2015

And when some bloggers say “home tour,” they really mean it. I mean “come see three vignettes in my teeny teeny home.” And you guys, I have no energy to stage cord-free, shadow free photos. You’ll get the idea.

This year, I purchased a few new items.

  1. Fun and versatile felt balls that I can re-string with a few different color schemes (hello, Husky games!). Purchased over at GroopDealz ($13.99)
  2. A very exciting and unique burlap leaf runner from Home Decorator Collection ($23).

… and I completed a few projects that were on my list from last year:

  1. Poison bottles (instructions are coming soon!)
  2. Pumpkins on black candlesticks (which I already had from our wedding). They actually aren’t shown in these images because I have them scattered around the house.

What’s hilarious is that I didn’t even realize those ideas had been marinating in my head all year. I did both projects without referring to the list from last year!

Without further adieu, my three vignettes.


Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (1) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (5) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (6)


 Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (9) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (10) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (11)

Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (8)


(covering up a ghetto area of the wall…also that’s a changing table we’re using as extra storage, complete with child lock)Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (12) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (13)


Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (14) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (15) Bluea and Orange Halloween T&T (16)

PS – Does anyone else love the HULU Christmas Fire “movie”? I work from home and have my digital fire log going in the background…it’s great!

Coming up next: the items and projects on my wish list for next year! Maybe I’ll even remember to look at it this time.



Top 10 Halloween & Harvest Decor Ideas 2014

I enjoy decorating for Halloween. It’s mainly about the colors – orange/rust, black, white, and gold. The color maroon bores me to tears, so Thanksgiving decor is only so-so for me.

Tristan and I are on Team Jesus, and prefer to not decorate our home with witches, ghosts, goblins or devils, but skulls and artistic cobwebs are fair game. I think this is because Christians have skulls and Christians battle cobwebs – these are facts of life. I also get tons of pumpkins so that the decor can transition into Thanksgiving.  Here’s proof – exhibit A & exhibit B.

Since we’re remodeling, my seasonal decor plans are minimal. Heck, my regular decor plans are minimal – I don’t want more objects/furniture to pack up when we put in the hardwoods. Therefore, I’ve decided that for Halloween and Christmas, I will focus on a festive porch, since the porch won’t change. And I’ve never had a porch before, so it’s a fun research project :).

I originally wanted two large topiaries for the porch, but at $150+ per piece, I knew it’d be a tough sell, as they offer no value other than aesthetics. Instead, I settled on two trees from Home Depot for $12 each – guilt free, and they still accomplish the overall look. I also added a new doormat and (duh) pumpkins.

1019141545c 1019141600b

If I were going to go all out decorating this year, here are the 10 cute, simple ideas I’ve stumbled upon recently (click on the image for source):

Halloween and Harvest 2014 2

How simple to just pop some pumpkins on a candlestick! Love this idea!

Halloween and Harvest 2014 3

Halloween and Harvest 2014 5

Another use for the natural? Hollow out some butternut squashes and put some flowers inside! Or even hay/wheat could be festive and less expensive.
Halloween and Harvest 2014 4

Finally – a use for those Mardi Gras beads you’ve had since college:Halloween and Harvest 2014 6

Halloween and Harvest 2014 7

I am definitely going to do this in the next few years with artificial sunflowers. Each bloom takes up a large amount of surface area so you wouldn’t have to buy very many to cover a ball, and could reuse them year after year for multiple occasions. If you’ve seen our wedding pictures, you know I’m a huge fan of the flower ball. If you don’t want to hang them, you can pop them into a vase for a centerpiece (like we did for Easter using our wedding balls).

So simple and chic:

Halloween and Harvest 2014 8

I love the black and white contrast! For less effort, you could paint three pumpkins and just put “BOO.”

Halloween and Harvest 2014

This might be the very first time I’ve ever referred to a lawn ornament as classy. Technically still a ghost, but an elegant ghost for sure:

Halloween and Harvest 2014 9

This is pretty chic, you know, as far as poison goes.Halloween and Harvest 2014 10

If you don’t already subscribe to Better Homes & Gardens’ weekly e-newsletters, I highly recommend it. It turns out that several of these ideas I’ve pinned over the last few months were pulled from there. If you’re looking for other ideas, check out my Halloween & Harvest board on Pinterest – you might even find some adorable kid costume ideas because I can’t help myself.

What are the cutest ideas you’ve seen this year? Anything related to porches? 🙂



RIP Halloween, Part 2

Okay, I know we are OVER Halloween. I’ve already started developing my Newlywed Noel list – all of the new traditions I want Tristan and I to start during the holiday season. Thankfully, he’s more into Christmas than Halloween. ANYHOO – this will be the last post on Halloween.

I already shared our home’s Halloween decor this year. In past years, when my single self lived in a studio in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, I shared my seasonal decor pics on Facebook. But as I’ve bid adieu to my studio this year and now to Halloween, I thought I’d post a few of those pics now that I have an appropriate outlet to do so. RIP, little home!  : )






Check back for my 3 Recipes, 3 Days series starting TODAY! Happy Tuesday.



RIP Halloween, Part 1

I’ve always enjoyed Halloween because 1) I love the color family for decorating (rust, orange, gold, black, white, gray, YES) and 2) I love coming up with original costume ideas. “Original,” meaning not from a package (no judgment).

This year, I realized that Tristan is not as enthusiastic as I am about Halloween, and like many men, doesn’t enjoy dressing up. I knew that spending $50+ on each costume and going to parties all weekend were two battles I did not want to fight. We did get invited to a friend’s costume dinner party on the actual day, and thankfully the prospect of the free food was enough to win over Tristan. I will remember that!

My original goal was to have Tristan and I be Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick as a “couples” costume (Harvest Bucket List #8!). I have a lot of sixties attire and a big camera Tristan could lug around; plus, he’s blond.


Here’s an example from Haylie Duff and boyfriend Nick Zano:

Haylie Duff and boyfriend as Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol

It didn’t fly.

Since we are working our way through Breaking Bad, I suggested Tristan be Walter White, high school chemistry teacher turned meth cook. Apparently hundreds of others had this idea as well :).


He liked that idea and even bought blue vases at Value Village to crush and make blue “meth” (Walter’s specialty) as a prop.  I was BEYOND proud!

hween 001

Here’s how his look turned out:

hween 002

YAY TRISTAN! He’s trying to look grumpy, FYI – he’s in character :).

I decided that a solo sixties option for myself would be Twiggy.

Nov. 2 2013 040 Twiggy++by+Barry+Lategan

I bought white tights, some retro shoes and Twiggy-esque lashes and that was pretty much it.

hween 004  Nov. 2 2013 046

I spent, like, an hour trying to duplicate this eye makeup tutorial:

Nov. 2 2013 037

In real life, I was happy with the results, though it didn’t photograph as well as I’d hoped. That, and I am not used to seeing pictures of myself not smiling. I was trying to be “in character” as well, I guess!

Nov. 2 2013 049 Nov. 2 2013 050

And here we are together!

hween 008

What were you for Halloween? Should I steal your idea for next year?! I’m a planner, so it’s never too early.






Links of the Week

This is what I’m doing today:

Poodle Lady

Just kidding… I’m going to work. But SOME DAY!

Here are my favorite Halloween costumes I’ve found recently – one, two, three, four, five.

The most charming way to travel: mobile homes. Speaking of mobile homes, I’m very excited to follow my dear friend Bre’s blog, Bon Bon the Blog. She’s a Seattle native like me who just got married (as in, currently on her honeymoon), and will be documenting her experience being a glam girl living in a mobile home in North Dakota as her husband works in the oil fields.

The perfect Girl’s Day In craft.

I KNEW IT COULD BE DONE! A bachelor’s manly living room that prominently features fur.

A DIY Halloween “candle“… could definitely be chic! And how about this bouquet in this vase?

Speaking of DIY, Living for Pretty‘s amazing bathroom transformation.

Image from My Vibe My Life

Happy weekend!



Harvest Bucket List

I love fall and back-to-school season. While growing up, I would spend my summers obsessively planning out what new school clothes I wanted and then once I had them, what outfits I would wear. I got the deepest pleasure from hand-selecting each and every school supply, and organizing them in to my backpack, taking into account convenience and of course, cuteness (for instance, in 9th grade my best friend and I got matching lime green label-makers). And that sweet day when you finally got to use all your new stuff? Almost as serendipitous as Christmas. Back to school is a Type A personality’s dream. In my adulthood, I no longer go back to school, but I have an apartment to decorate and people to cook for. It just never ends! I love it.

Lately I’ve been seeing Harvest/Fall/Autumn Bucket Lists on Pinterest, and I feel inspired to create my own to get in the spirit of the season. It’s not the most “family friendly” list, as there are no pumpkin patches or stomping through crisp leaves, but bear with me.

Bucket List  on blog high res

What do you think of the list? Any blaring omissions? I will be working my way through these tasks until I lose interest and start obsessing over the holidays instead, and charting my progress on this blog along the way.