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Easter Vignette

Easter Vignette Torie and Tristan

April 5, 2014 — Easter is but a few weeks away and the Torie and Tristan household is aflutter with spring and Easter decorations. Well, a decoration. I’ve designated the perch behind our couch as Easter Zone. I thought I’d share a few shots that resulted from my quest for Easter inspiration a few weeks back.

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (18)

Meet Francis the bunny and Darling the chick:

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (14)


Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (15)

Now meet Henry, bunny #2:

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (13)

I’m all about easy, mildly ghetto seasonal art that I can print on whatever black and white printer I can mooch off of. To create the innards of the four frames, I first sought out a gardeny-spring, reminiscent-of-Biblical-scrolls type font. Success. I then typed white “allelujah” and  “he is risen indeed” text into 8″x8″ black text boxes in Word, printed, cut out the boxes, centered them on white scrapbook paper and popped them  into 12″x12″ record frames. I grabbed a clip art cross, bunny and chick from online and pasted them into Word, centering them on standard 8 1/2 by 11 paper. I didn’t even have to cut these out, I simply popped them in the matted 8 1/2 by 11 frames I already had. Don’t mind the reflection…

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (9)

Good enough! I mean, this is Easter we are talking about – a tier three decorating holiday at best. For the next tier one decorating holiday, Halloween, I will definitely be exploring gold-foiled prints from SS Print Shop. Moving on…

Here’s the zoomed out view:

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (25)

I am obsessed with these flower balls. I originally purchased them from Etsy from Curious Floral Crafts as centerpieces at my wedding, and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to repurpose them. Each flower is made of sola wood, so technically it’s “natural.”

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (19)

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (11)

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (3)

Torie and Tristan Easter Tablescape (7)

Happy early Easter! I hope you enjoyed meeting our new little pets and taking a peek at our Easter vignette. What are you doing to celebrate? In true newlywed form, Tristan and I will be toggling between two sides of families; thankfully, their celebrations do not occur on the same day.






March 8, 2014

It’s finally starting to feel a bit like spring in Seattle. Which doesn’t mean much; maybe just less frost in the morning. Occasionally the smell of grass wafts by. It does mean that there’s a new occassion for which to decorate – Easter!

I am slowly adding new holidays to my decorating stash each year. Halloween/Thanksgiving was an easy first, since all of my belongings were black, white and rust anyway. Christmas came next (chronologically) and I forced myself into a metallic color scheme so that I wouldn’t be tempted by all ornaments ever. Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day were added in 2013. This year, I’m exploring Easter and potentially 4th of July. St. Patty’s Day is more of a 2015 project, I think. Any holidays I’m missing?

Anyway. Here are the ideas I’m looking at to inspire my Easter decor this year:

Torie and Tristan - 4 Spring Decor Trends - TREND 1- Burlap

Easter is about the only occasion where I will permit myself to use this material, likely because burlap is actually used in springtime activities such as gardening.

Clockwise from top, L-R: Shabby Chic Easter Bunny; Rustic Burlap Easter Bunny Sign (cute dollar store DIY here!); Bunny Burlap Runner; Easter Carrot Glittered Burlap Banner

Torie and Tristan - 4 Spring Decor Trends - TREND 2 - Hanging Eggs

A fun alternative to a bunting sign – embrace it! Top: Top Dreamer Bottom: DIY Showoff

Torie and Tristan - 4 Spring Decor Trends - TREND 3 - White Ceramic Bunnies and Moss

White ceramic bunnies JUST got added to my thrift store hunt list. How chic next to greenery, and for those of us who love bold contrast? Of course, these could also be quite subtle against a white backdrop. And, you can even spraypaint them brown and they look like chocolate bunnies!

Top: Setting for Four Middle: Martha Stewart Bottom: Martha Stewart

Torie and Tristan - 4 Spring Decor Trends - TREND 4- Candlesticks and ClochesI have built quite a collection of apothocary jars, candlesticks, cloches, and glass platters from – I know, broken record – thrift stores. For $10 at Michael’s, you can buy kraft eggs and “nesting branches” (? I just made that name up) and create a beautiful Easter-themed vignette. I know this because I just bought these two items at Michael’s today and it was $10.

Clockwise L-R: Easter Eggshell Votives; Glittered Egg Candlesticks; Apothocary Eggs; Speckled and Guilded Easter Eggs; Apothocary Eggs 2; Purple Easter Scape


I am feeling excited for my Easter/spring decor this year! Are there any other trends you’ve noticed that I’ve missed? I will probably incorporate garden creatures such as bunnies and birds so that I can keep the decorations up throughout spring, but will incorporate phrases such as “He is Risen” and perhaps some crosses for Easter itself. I’ll be sure to share my results with you!