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Let’s Talk Trunks

Tristan and my decor tastes differ quite a bit, but we both share a love of antique/vintage objects – could be anything from a typewriter to a table. Last summer, we purchased this vintage trunk at a garage sale:

Let's Talk Trunks - TorieandTristan

It lives in storage right now, but I’m so excited that our future home will have such a statement piece that we both love. It also has practical purposes as a hope chest. I plan to put some wedding treasures in there and maybe some of our childhood memorabilia, at least until we have our own children and their stuff can go in it.

I’m gathering ideas as to how to decorate with our trunk. Here are a few functions I’m into:


Let's Talk Trunks - TorieandTristan.com


Let's Talk Trunks - TorieandTristan.com

Designed – for – life

Trunk and Zebra - Torie & Tristan

Belle Maison


Marcus Design Inc


Trunk and Bar - Torie & Tristan

Belle Maison

Trunk and Veuve - Torie & Tristan

Better Decorating Bible

and of course, TRUNKS AS HOPE CHESTS in the bedroom:

Bedside Trunk - Torie & Tristan

Belle Maison

Bedside Trunk 2 - Torie & Tristan

Redefined Home

Bedside Trunk 3 - Torie & Tristan

Feather and Black

Trunk by Bed - TorieandTristan

The Little Corner


You can find trunks like these at garage sales, antique stores, thrift stores, Ebay, etc. Or, if you’d like to start fresh, you can purchase trunks brand new from The Trunk Store. They come in lots of colors, sizes and finishes:

New Trunk - TorieandTristan

New Trunk Finished - TorieandTristan

What do you think of trunks? Any other uses you like?