Newlywed Christmas Card Inspiration

I have a unique opportunity this year within the Christmas card realm. Since I just got married in July, I can use a wedding photo in lieu of having a family photo taken, and I already have everyone’s current address. I also have a surplus of card-making supplies left over from wedding invitations. It would almost be a sin to not do Christmas cards.

It all started when one of my friends sent me these two Christmas cards which reminded her of my wedding invitations.

Glitz Christmas 1

Glitz Christmas 2

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They do look just my style, I thought to myself. Crap, now I’m obsessed. But they were $2 a pop! I knew I’d have to find a DIY version that I would feasibly have energy to do after a year of wedding crafting. I have been pinning ideas up a storm.

Let’s start with phrasing. I’m pretty sold on something to the affect of Married & Bright. I’ll have to go cliche with the phrase every other year (heck, I’ll probably just say Merry Christmas), so might as well live. it. up.

Merry & Married 2 Merry & Married 3 Merry & Married 4 Merry & Married

In terms of design, I’m sure many other newlywed brides out there have some type of specialty paper or craft supply left over. I have a whole pack of unopened velum paper and a few dozen velum envelopes left over from the wedding. So, I did a search on velum Christmas cards. Perhaps I could overlay the velum in front of a wedding photo with my Married & Bright phrase printed on it?

Velum 1 Velum 2

Now on to content. If you know me, you’ll know that more is more, and I have a hard time letting go of a good idea. I want to do it all, and all at once. I also like to provide useful content to people (hence, the blog). In my searches, I ran across an infographic that acts as a Christmas newsletter, and looked for as many examples as I could find.

Newsletter 1 Newsletter 2 Newsletter 3 Newsletter 4


Newsletter 6

Neat, huh? Totes fridge-worthy.

I’m not sure I can do velum AND photo AND infographic, so I might have to save the infographic for another year … maybe when my life is more interesting – ha! But I am feeling inspired to come up with a list of Top 5 Highlights of 2013 – and freebie #1, we got married! This would go on the inside of the card in a simple, bulleted format (the best format of all time, for all reasons).

Another idea I liked is the semi-homemade photo card. I won’t always have leftover wedding supplies, and will likely want to order a bulk photo card from Costco at some point. I love how this blogger zhushed up her photo cards with a downloadable graphic and some ribbon. Here is the original:

Semi-handmade Christmas Card original


Semi-handmade Christmas Card 1

and look, velum!

Semi-handmade Christmas Card 2

I don’t get to start working on these until Tristan and I are done with thank you cards, but sure am excited! I will be sure to share some final shots of the completed card.

What other killer Christmas card ideas are out there? Send me your links! I will have hopefully several decades to try out many different ideas.

Next on my list: the newlywed ornament!