jessica simpson

Thursday Whatevs

Every blogger seems to post favorite links on Fridays. As I am an original, I will post some of my favorite links on Thursday night. Let’s not discuss the fact that posting a round-up of favorite links is, in itself, unoriginal.


Love that patio? Check out the full tour of Jessica Simpson’s Hidden Valley Home. Gasps all around.

Here’s a Before/After Home Tour – love the before, love the after!

Have you heard about the oil pulling trend? I’ve been doing it for a few weeks. I’ll keep you posted :).

It’s almost bikini season, so I need to up my workout from once a week to really anything more frequent than that.  I think these rad leggings could be just the motivator.

… And speaking of pants, these pants are AMAZING!

And finally, something all of us can get behind: how to get free food all year long.

Happy almost Friday :).