Best Daily Deals Ever

I thought I’d share my favorite daily deal site with you all: GroopDealz. It’s very much geared towards females, and Tristan probably would warn other husbands that it could result in your wife wanting to spend $15-$30 a day on its products. You’ve all been warned!

The site (and daily e-mail) features hugely discounted home decorating items, clothing, jewelry, monogrammed goods and kids paraphernalia. Some of the items are “so last year” (*ahem* chevron), but other items (jewelry in particular) look straight out of a J. Crew. catalog.

For instance:


You can buy it here for the next day. This is the J. Crew necklace it’s modeled after, for your reference. Not too bad, eh?

Other recent favorites of mine (now expired) include:

Convertible dress – usually these are $100+!


This gray two-tone watch is very Timex-chic. And look at all of the other colors it comes in! At that price, you could buy one for every outfit :):


And this monogrammed bag also comes in several colors/styles and is reminiscent of Longchamp’s popular Le Pliage bag.


Thankfully, many of these items resurface a few times over the next few months, so I’m hoping to have the opportunity to buy them later on.

You can subscribe to GroopDealz here. Happy shopping! 🙂