3 DIY Manicure Trends

Let’s just admit it – shellac is the best nail beauty development to hit the earth since perhaps the chemistry miracle of nail polish itself. The only problem is, as with all beauty routines, there is a recurring cost involved, and it’s more expensive than just a standard manicure ($25-35 in Seattle).

When I got married, I thought I’d help us cut costs by quitting shellac and instead hype myself up about trying new nail trends I’d seen on Pinterest. As I type this, I have shellac on my nails. BUT I’ve only had it twice since I’ve been married (seven months now!) AND it was a birthday present. Nobody’s perfect.

Anyway, I have hyped myself up a few times and tried some new nail trends. Throughout the week, I’ll show you a backlog of manicure trends that I’ve attempted to DIY over the last few months.

Three DIY Manicure Trends - Torie & Tristan

A sneak preview of the trends are:

Natural Sheer Shine

Natural Nail - TorieandTristan

  Natural Nail - TorieandTristan

Natural Nail - TorieandTristan


Metallic Ombre

Metallic Tip - torieandtristan

Metallic Tip - torieandtristan

Metallic Tip - torieandtristan


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

Salon Effects - torieandtristan

Salon Effects - torieandtristan

Salon Effects - torieandtristan


None of these are pictures of my nails, so stay tuned for the reveals in three upcoming posts. Share in the joy of my successes and weep alongside me at my failures. And in case you’ve missed previous posts in this series, here they are:

DIY Manicure #1

DIY Manicure #2


Wine Country Wednesday & DIY Manicure #2

This morning, the husband and I are headed over the mountains to the beautiful Yakima Valley, WA for work. He has a construction project in town and my project IS the town (bringing visitors to Yakima Valley, that is). In any case, I’m looking forward to checking out some of the area’s newest attractions- Bale Breaker Brewing Company smack dab in the middle of a hop field, and the Walter Clore Wine and Culinary Center, among other destinations I haven’t made it to yet. Will report on highlights later this week.

Anyhoo. My shellac has worn off so I’m due for some new nails. Plus, since I’m technically leaving town for the night, I’m pretending it’s “vacation”… and doesn’t everyone get their nails done for vacation? The trend I decided to try is the metallic/matte/shiney mix. Since it’s really hard to do french tip yourself, I opted for polka dots.

Here’s the inspiration:




and of course, the polkas:

nail trend 5 Image

Images 1, 2 and 3, 4, & 5 (unknown)

SO I started with my OPI You Don’t Know Jacque knockoff by Sinful Colors, my Essie Good as Gold, and Dior Show Topcoat.

photo 2

After doing two coats of Sinful Colors, I added gold dots with the end of a skewer and the nailbrush, though I’ve heard using the end of a bobby pin works well. After adding a topcoat, I liked it, but the tones weren’t quite as monochromatic as I had envisioned:

nail 3

So then, clearly faced with no other choice, I had to play up the contrast – add black dots with Sharpie 🙂

nail 4

And look – it matches wine tasting! 🙂

photo 5

What tips and tricks do you know for polka dots, or dare I ask, DIY french tip?