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Torie the Copycat, Round 2

Ever since I saw this outfit grace the runway at Neiman Marcus, I knew it needed to be on my body, some way, some how.

Look 3

I had most of the pieces already, which was part of the reason I was so excited, but I did purchase a $12 BCBG skirt from Buffalo Exchange to complete the look.

I was waiting for the perfect reason to “day dress up” in the Northwest, and the opportunity finally presented itself a few weekends ago, at the Bellevue Art Festival.

white outfit 3

White outfit 1

The hardest part was taking decent photos with the bright sun and all-white outfit, while keeping Tristan motivated. He was a good sport overall, and let’s be honest, it was really hot out and people were staring (probably thinking, “Poor boy, bet that girl’s a handful!”).

white outfit 4

As if we hadn’t been out there long enough, I decided to do a wardrobe change. Here’s the 2.0 version:

white outfit 7

I ended up wearing this version to the Bellevue Arts Festival, minus the heels.

In retrospect, I think I do prefer the look of Neiman Marcus’ flounce skirt over my tulip-shape skirt, but for $12,  I’m not complaining. And the floppy hat ended up being way practical, as I did not get sunburned while walking around! Form AND function, yay.





Spring Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus

March 26, 2014

This past weekend, I attended Neiman Marcus’ CUSP Spring Fashion Show at The Bravern. I would describe CUSP as Neiman Marcus’ department for the young and hip. So, as I’m ever striving to be young and hip, I was very excited to attend the show. Tristan sat this one out, HA!

I mean, there’s no way he would’ve appreciated the darlingness that we were greeted with:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (7)

… but my friend Kelly sure did! Here we are in our fashion show garb:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (8)

We squeezed in some pre-fashion show shopping:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (10)

And alas! The runway (hot pink, naturally):

NM Cusp Fashion Show (11)

Hi there, Rebecca of Eastside Fashion, Delaney of Lover of Clothes, and Jennifer!

NM Cusp Fashion Show (13)

Rebecca is really good at knowing how and where to pose for pictures. Thanks for the tips, Rebecca!

NM Cusp Fashion Show (9)

I had all my gear:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (12)

And the show began! There were seven looks I fell in love with.

First up: loving the pattern mixing with crop top and backpack:

Look 1

A chic white power suit with silver clutch:

Look 2

Awesome space dye pattern, and AGAIN with the crop top!

Look 4

This coat speaks to me on so many levels. And the harem pants and tassel necklace? LOVE!

Look 5Look 5 p 2

I’ve noticed models wearing matching shoes and handbags at several Neiman Marcus fashion events. Is it the fact that the company is from Texas and Texans are more formal and love matching? It seems that this practice is less common in the Seattle area, however I am a major fan. Especially when the handbag and shoes are a fun neon yellow! I’m also interested in trying an outfit featuring different shades of denim.

I love the pattern mixing and crop top in this middle outfit. And the yellow coat. Just, everything.

Look 6 and 7

And finally, the most inspirational outfit of all, which is destined to be featured on Torie the Copycat:

Look 3

Mark my words, it’s happening!

Each portion of the fashion show was themed around one of Neiman Marcus’ 10 Spring Trends. The trends I enjoyed the most were White with Black (duh, have you seen this blog?!) and “Short Stories” (I think this means crop tops). Also, pattern mixing, which wasn’t an official trend but I saw a lot of it and it was great. And the matching handbags and purses!

After the fashion show, there were makeovers and a braid bar:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (33) NM Cusp Fashion Show (34)NM Cusp Fashion Show (35) NM Cusp Fashion Show (36)

After the event, we ran up to Mariposa, Neiman Marcus’ restaurant, for a quick bite. I had never been and oh man, have I been missing out! Example: It was 3 p.m., so Kelly and I were just going to grab a soup or salad to hold us over until dinner. When we were seated at our table, our server greeted us eachwith a teacup of fresh, warm chicken broth and a cheddar biscuit.

NM Cusp Fashion Show (38)

Then, a chef with a French accent came over and offered us popovers with homemade strawberry butter. They were still warm. Where am I, Paris?!

NM Cusp Fashion Show (1)

NM Cusp Fashion Show (2)

Kelly and I ended up splitting an entree salad – the Chicken Bistro Salad, or something along those lines. I think it was around $17 – pretty average here in Seattle. Here is my half portion:

NM Cusp Fashion Show (3)

It was the perfect post shopping trip pick-me-up. Though, Kelly and I will probably go back sans shopping trip. It’s not every day I can purchase clothing at Neiman Marcus, but lunch in the cafe (it is actually only open for lunch) is an accessible treat I hope frequent more often!

Going back to fashion – what do you think of the spring trends? All of the looks shown are available – shocker – at CUSP. Any spring trends you’ve been wanting to try? I have a few fashion posts in the works, including my spring fashion wish list.