Seahawks Chic

This might be the ex-cheeleader in me, but I’ve always loved planning and wearing spirited outfits. I think it’s the challenge and creativity involved in being color-constrained. I loved gearing up for Husky football with a new headband and socks this year, and while I didn’t purchase any new Seahawks gear for tomorrow’s Superbowl game (we invested in jerseys this season), I can sure plan ahead to next year! Here are the best new/cute/fun items I’ve seen that I would love to add to my spirit gear stash:

TorieandTristan SeahawksChic

Seahawks Superbowl Outfit - TorieandTristan.com


1 – This beanie has just the sporty yet chic look I love. Plus, when worn with a black leather jacket, black pants and gold accessories, it could totally translate outside of football.

2 & 3 – These nail decals and nail polish colors are the diamond in the rough of all Seahawks manicures I saw. As I mildly freak out about later in this post, the Seahawks logo is very intricate and peopleshouldnotpaintitiftheyaren’tabsolutelyamazingbecauseitwillsuck! GAH!

4 – His and hers sweatshirts that say “12th man” in French… très  Seahawks chic! More info here.

Two notes on Seahawks shoes. I saw so many Seahawks-y heels. I would like to know – who actually wears high heels to the games?! I wouldn’t even wear them to a bar to watch the game. But they are cute! I’m more interested in tennis shoes, though. Which brings me to my next point. I have seen several hand-painted Seahawks tennis shoes on Etsy for eleventy million dollars, and I’m struggling. The hawks logo is very intricate, so perhaps a simple NFL logo such as the Chicago Bears would’ve been fine… but I found some serious proportion/line issues with all of the Seahawks ones I saw. Yes, I’m probably overly passionate about this.

5 – Some shoes on Etsy aren’t hand-painted. These are pricey but I know the logo is official, and who doesn’t love Cons!? Obviously simple navy blue Cons with lime green laces would be darling as well and one-fifth the price. Maybe even these cute laces from American Apparel!?

6 – LOVE THESE PANTS which mimic our football player’s uniform. What girl wouldn’t want to lounge around in relevant leggings on the weekend? And best yet, these are for sale on Facebook.

7 – These are my coworker’s feet yesterday. Sheer brilliance to wear neon yellow/green shoes and make them Seahawks-y by adding blue leopard laces. Similar shoes available here, which I in fact own myself. Too bad I couldn’t find navy laces in time!

8 – Another non hand-painted Seahawks shoe. Pricey but fun.


At this point in time I feel it would also be appropriate to mention something related to a Seahawks viewing party, this being a lifestyle blog and all…

I have had this Pin stored away for quite some time now for a future game watching party. I will preface it with this: In my mind, this darling display is the single remaining acceptable use of mason jars that I know of. Click on the link below the photo for more fun ideas and printables.



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