RIP Halloween, Part 1

I’ve always enjoyed Halloween because 1) I love the color family for decorating (rust, orange, gold, black, white, gray, YES) and 2) I love coming up with original costume ideas. “Original,” meaning not from a package (no judgment).

This year, I realized that Tristan is not as enthusiastic as I am about Halloween, and like many men, doesn’t enjoy dressing up. I knew that spending $50+ on each costume and going to parties all weekend were two battles I did not want to fight. We did get invited to a friend’s costume dinner party on the actual day, and thankfully the prospect of the free food was enough to win over Tristan. I will remember that!

My original goal was to have Tristan and I be Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick as a “couples” costume (Harvest Bucket List #8!). I have a lot of sixties attire and a big camera Tristan could lug around; plus, he’s blond.


Here’s an example from Haylie Duff and boyfriend Nick Zano:

Haylie Duff and boyfriend as Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol

It didn’t fly.

Since we are working our way through Breaking Bad, I suggested Tristan be Walter White, high school chemistry teacher turned meth cook. Apparently hundreds of others had this idea as well :).


He liked that idea and even bought blue vases at Value Village to crush and make blue “meth” (Walter’s specialty) as a prop.  I was BEYOND proud!

hween 001

Here’s how his look turned out:

hween 002

YAY TRISTAN! He’s trying to look grumpy, FYI – he’s in character :).

I decided that a solo sixties option for myself would be Twiggy.

Nov. 2 2013 040 Twiggy++by+Barry+Lategan

I bought white tights, some retro shoes and Twiggy-esque lashes and that was pretty much it.

hween 004  Nov. 2 2013 046

I spent, like, an hour trying to duplicate this eye makeup tutorial:

Nov. 2 2013 037

In real life, I was happy with the results, though it didn’t photograph as well as I’d hoped. That, and I am not used to seeing pictures of myself not smiling. I was trying to be “in character” as well, I guess!

Nov. 2 2013 049 Nov. 2 2013 050

And here we are together!

hween 008

What were you for Halloween? Should I steal your idea for next year?! I’m a planner, so it’s never too early.